Does Soylent include nootropics by default?


Does the default Soylent come with nootropics?

If true, I think this is a bad idea. First and foremost, we don’t know their effect on the brain. We know they make some people hyper productive and some not so much. People who’ve come off them have described awful withdrawal symptoms.

Second, if I’m not mistaken we’re definitely entering a legal gray area. Most of these are prescription only. Are we sure most governments will be ok with it? I smell a boot to the door if not.

I’d much rather have my Soylent with no nootropics.


While I agree with you that nootropics should not be included (most likely there will be different types of soylent so you can make your own mind up), nootropics have been taken for decades so we do effectively know their effect. Save the new ones like noopept, etc. Most nootropics are supplements, not prescriptions. They’re not illegal, you can buy them just as you purchase your vitamin D or iron supplement. Also the large majority of nootropics are not addictive so there are no associated withdrawal symptoms. The biggest complaint is tolerance. Tolerance doesn’t mean addiction, it just means your body has adjusted to the substance, normally by downregulating the receptors which the nootropics effect.


I think we’re talking about different things. I’m talking about drugs for ADHD and such that people get by faking symptoms to doctors so they can focus for hours on end. Those have nasty withdrawal symptoms - you stop taking them and your brain screams at you.


i think it’s save to assume that they wouldn’t include anything that requires a prescription.


We’re a bunch of hobbyists working on someone’s sudden flash of inspiration. $deity knows what we could come up with.


The things you are talking about are not nootropics, they’re stimulants. Common nootropics are things like piracetam (and associated [foo]racetams) which are legal. The ADHD meds people abuse are mostly amphetamines these are scheduled medicinal drugs.


This is exactly what I’m talking about. And it should be kept very clear of the default Soylent.


By that logic we should also make sure to keep out cocaine, heroin, and meth out of soylent.

Its safe to assume soylent will not contain any prescription required or illegal drugs, I dont think we need to make sure its kept “very clear” of soylent.


This was a slip up that I apologize for. The video should have included an (optional) text overlay when I said nootropics. They are not included by default but will be offered as an optional customization after we get our base formula out.