Does Soylent interact with Azithromycin?


I was prescribed 1g of azithromycin to deal with an infection, and was told by my doctor not to use a multivitamin before or after taking my prescription.

Is Soylent just a glorified multivitamin? Should I abstain from Soylent until I’m off the antibiotic?


No; otherwise it wouldn’t have any calories.


This is interesting. I didn’t know a multivitamin could affect an antibiotic. Of course I don’t know anything about antibiotics so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.


I changed my question to “Should I abstain from Soylent until I’m off the antibiotic?”, since I know it’s not actually a glorified multivitamin.


Did he say anything about specific interactions or to avoid any foods, or just to avoid a multivitamin?


Take the azithromycin 2-4 hours before Soylent or 4-6 hours after Soylent.


She told me to avoid any multivitamins, but my Soylent and multivitamins seem to have very similar ingredients. It could have to do with potency, but I can’t seem to find a lower limit of magnesium that’s doesn’t interfere with with the bioavailability of the antibiotic.


It would be a better idea to bring in an empty bag of Soylent to your doctor & ask if it’s safe to eat it.


I wonder if it is safe to eat an empty bag of Soylent :smile:


Taking a multivitamin hits you with a full day’s dose of minerals at once, and that high level can interfere with the Z.

Soylent, and regular food, supply minerals much more gradually, spread out over all meals, so the concern is not there.

Soylent is no more a multivitamin than regular food is - a balanced diet of regular food provides all the same vitamin and mineral levels as Soylent.


[quote=“Original1, post:9, topic:21027, full:true”]I wonder if it is safe to eat an empty bag of Soylent[/quote]Probably not, but it’d be hell of a lot easier to fold-up & put in your pocket than a full bag would be.


Levaquin which I recently took has a similar warning (it specifically says to avoid Calcium and Iron I think) so I just sucked it up and took my Levaquin first thing when I got up and then waited 2 hours to drink my first DIY. For a Z-Pack it’s only 5 days, once a day. That’s no big deal, work around it. For instance take your Azithromycin at bedtime and make sure you consumed your last Soylent 2+ hours prior.