Does Soylent reduce flatulence?


Since flatulence is mainly caused by gulping of air between food intakes, will Soylent significantly reduce the frequency of flatulence or does the nature of Soylent increase it?


I believe the sulphur may make them worse, although I’ve read stories of DIY Soylent that went the opposite way.


Worse how, if the frequency is significantly reduced then it’s better, not worse, even if the odor of the ones that get through is intensified.


I’m pretty sure flatulence isn’t just caused by taking air into the gut while eating, it’s also caused by the stomach acids and gut flora releasing gases while dealing with certain foods, drinks etc. Especially if they’re things that particular body has trouble with, eg. lactose in a lactose sensitive person. Supplements and different meds can cause flatulence as side effects too. **shrug, I would say it would be different for every person depending on the make up of their gut flora, and if they’ve made their own soylent then it would depend on the ingredients too…


Since when is the word “mainly” 100% exclusive to everything else?


I guess it depends. It’s a question of perspective.


Farts are caused more by what we eat than the air we swallow (although this last one does have an impact… enough to be mentioned.) By the time the swallowed air reaches the intestine, most of it has been absorbed by the body, and mostly nitrogen remains. So normally, farts are caused by gas that passes from our blood to our intestines, gas produced by the chemical reactions of the food we eat and also gas produced by the bacteria in our gut.

I noticed a decrease in flatulence when I started soylent, and my farts had no smell, or almost no smell. the only thing that does give me more gases is the whey that I use. If it-s not isolated, I get gases.


I honestly have no idea what you mean by this response… But @rvalsera has summed up what I was also trying to say, more succinctly and with an example of their own soylent + flatulence experiences.


and what riupacheco is saying is that the smell of the farts will depend on your sulfur intake. If you take enough, or too much, your farts will smell like hell. If you don’t take enough, your farts will not smell, but you will probably suffer from joint pains.


Also, if whey is giving you problems it probably means you’re lactose intolerant.


I contemplated that possibility, Riupacheco, but it’s weird, because I am not aware of any intolerance to lactose. I eat cheese quite ofently, and I also drink whole milk and no problem. I’ve only noticed an increase in burps and farts when I take protein shakes of hydrolised whey protein, or concentrated whey protein (or with soylent) I could try to test if I’m intolerant, but it has never been an issue, so I never bothered. I actually didn’t notice this “gas effect” until soylent.


Curiouser and curiouser.


In my experience, oat flour causes a noticeably greater degree of flatulence. Doing some quick googling, you’ll find that oats are frequently listed as a flatulence-causing food.

This is why I eliminated it from Bachelor Chow.


What’s a good substitute for oat flour? I’ve got it in my recipe - haven’t tried it yet though I’m gassy so, it might be something I’ll need to change or watch for…