Does Soylent use only ingredients sourced from the United States?


Thinking more about the keeping jobs in the US type of thing…But forgive me if this has been brought up before and if the answer is so terribly stupid and obvious that I didn’t see it.

If that’s the case I blame my lack of focus on being back on solid food now.


No the rice protein (or one of the ingredients like that) they use is only produced in China.


I expect at least some of the bulk materials like the rice protein and maltodextrin to be from China. You just have to hope they test every batch to prevent using contaminated product in soylent.


Fish Oil was from Iceland.

Also, as a european, your question is meaningless to me :smiley:


The fact that they source some of the things from China concerns me. Not to the point that I wouldn’t consume Soylent. I’ll still do that, once I get it…But given some of the recent food related health concerns that have come out of China, I’ll be watching this closer than I would if some of the stuff came from your neck of the woods.


Quality control is a pretty big concern given china foods track record of heavy metals and melamine contamination. Most manufacturers supposedly have certified facilities but when money talks, bullshit walks. That’s why lab testing is so important.


Well I assume that RFI who has a Chinese base is who they are dealing with. Being a product made in or out of the country is meaningless, our food regulations favor cheap business practices that cause death and health issues too. Plus they have already talked about their QC that RFI is doing for them.


If I were eagerly awaiting a European-produced product and participating in a forum mostly comprised of people from that European country, I wouldn’t be so callous as to acknowledge in that forum that I didn’t give a crap about their national economy.


I would not call it callous… besides, you would be amazed about how many on this forum are not american. Nationality has nothing to do with any of this, nothing to do with Soylent. This subject is political in nature and toxic in that regard. Besides the worry about Chinese contaminants,


Don’t worry @Tordenskjold, I understood what you said and didn’t think it was callous at all. I live in the US and I feel we, as a country, are pretty callous to the rest of the world. In any case, we don’t need to start any wars here. :smile:


:slight_smile: The real question is if they trust RFI in testing for contaminants. (Last I heard they analyze the ingredients for such)


I was under the impression that Soylent was using an RFI production center based in the US, and Soylent was tested to meet or exceed US safety and health standards.


I am pretty sure every batch of product from china is being tested for contaminants, heavy metals, bacteria and mold before it is used as a source material in their production line.


I am pretty sure that a tainted batch will make a lot of people sick quickly. It is in their best interest to be on top of quality control, the bad press would be disastrous otherwise and no one would have their business after that. Just imagine the headlines: “Fake food killing people!”, etc…


If this question is meaningless to you, then why jump into the discussion? I mean … you didn’t have to click the thread.

The question is obviously not meaningless to the person who asked it. The fact that the question is meaningless to you is meaningless to me. :smiley:


Wow please take a chill pill… I saw your original post as a “They took our jobs!” kind of topic. Was I wrong or was it only a matter of contamination worries? How is that not political in nature… and subject that ends up causing replies like the one you just threw at me = toxic.

There is no reason to come at me like that.

Edit: when I first said that the subject was meaningless to me, I did not mean it in a mean spirited way… Your reply did however come across as… Well, attacking me personally. Which incidentally is against the discourse rules.

I have my right to be as thin skinned as I want, you don’t actually know if I am though.


“They took our jobs!” a sensitive yet relevant topic in the context of Soylent.

Other sensitive topics that have surrounded Soylent:
(as far as I know, all these topics are permitted on the forum as long as they are respectful)

  • Soylent will punish poor people!

  • Soylent will displace the important social convention of eating a meal together

  • Soylent is bad for the environment in some way

In that vein, “Soylent will displace American jobs and/or negatively affect the US trade deficit… discuss.” It’s a valid topic, and yeah, it’s sensitive. ( @Tordenskjold thank you for mentioning that you didn’t intend your first comment in this thread as mean spirited. I did tend to take it that way; well not “mean” but like I said, “callous.” I’m thin skinned about this issue and a few others, I can’t deny it.)

(to those reading the thread who are unfamiliar with the “They took our jobs!” meme: Wikipedia article and video of full South Park episode (official site))


No problem :slight_smile: I do understand the reasons behind it, and didn’t mean to imply that the subject had no place on the forums.

Edit: I did get a little defensive when I felt attacked


Np. Way more important things to get upset over… No matter what our differences are, we do all share the common bond of being involved with Soylent in some way…Backing it, drinking it or promoting it … Right?


Agreed :slight_smile: lets put this thing behind us