Does Soylent work after having gastric bypass surgery?


I bought Soylent on May 8, 2014. I am still waiting to receive my shipment. I bought it because I am having gastric bypass surgery next week due to having esophageal cancer. I thought I would have my shipment of Soylent before my surgery, when I bought it almost 6 months ago., but no.

After the surgery, my stomach will now be reduced to the size of an egg. I will no longer be able to eat normal foods, or at least for quite a while. I will have to stay on a diet of mostly liquid foods for 4-6 weeks, and then re-learn how to eat everything from before the surgery. I was hoping that Soylent would be the lifesaver for me, as it would provide me will all my nutrition and allow me to return to a normal life, as I recover from the surgery.

Can anyone tell me if they are using Solyent after having gastric bypass surgery, and if it has helped them?


I have not had gastric bypass surgery, but I can tell you, as a nutritionally dense liquid food, Soylent takes up much less space in your stomach than normal food. I use to scarf down massive piles of food, but after being Soylent for nearly 4 months I feel stuffed off food that I’d normally be able to eat 2 or 3 times as much of.

So, theoretically, it should help a lot. I really hope it comes in soon. Unless your doctor already has some liquid food lined up for you, you could see if @axcho or @spaceman could tide you over until your official Soylent comes in. Axcho might be the better choice, since he makes a Soylent-like DIY and even does custom blends, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Either way, good luck on the surgery.


@Neilpa - I advise you to ask a Registered Dietitian of your case.
He treats patients at Kaiser Permanente as a daily job. Just your case.

Then you can make your choice of DIY, since we have much more options since @axcho & @Spaceman started marketplace…


First, I would expect that if you don’t see your order in time for your surgery, you will see it shortly after. They have said they expect all backer orders to be shipped within the next 11 days.

Second, I think this would be a great option in your situation. Your doctor has already approved a liquid diet, and with Soylent you can be sure you are getting all of what you need, I know of no other way to do that (conveniently/cheaply/sustainably) short of a medical liquid diet (which probably doesn’t meet the cheaply part). It doesn’t sound like you will have the caloric restrictions that most who do this surgery need to deal with, so knowing you are getting sufficient calories to maintain rather than lose weight is a nice benefit to making this switch.

I would also say that it may be worth looking into what @axcho or someone else has to offer, he has been great about making custom blends, but you would probably find one of the current mixes fits you fine. You could get an idea of what else is possible with this sort of diet by comparison with the DIY’s, and get a buffer to hold you over in case your order does not come in as quickly as expected.