Does the amount of micronutrients you need vary from person to person?

For instance, does it vary by body mass, like calories do? Or does everyone need exactly the same amount of micronutrients each day, regardless of weight and other factors?

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It depends on the micronutrient, but generally no. Folate and some other needs increase during pregnancy, iron need varies by gender, that’s it for micros I think.


Advanced biometric sensors from the future will answer that. Any accrued damage from getting just too little or just too much of vitamin X every day would be miniscule. It would take hundreds of years to start causing problems. Which we might actually live to (thanks for sharing SENS by the way!)

Pretty sure the body “saves up” nutrients, even some water soluble ones, in case of malabsorption or poor diet. Unless you’re getting drunk everyday and constantly flushing your nutrients out of yourself (think reverse juice cleanse but it actually works) you should be fine.

Or in the words of a wise man long ago… “Yes” (@horsfield)



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Yes, but not by much.

Given how irregular normal diets are, soylent is still an improvement. But if you find yourself craving something in particular (except sugar), listen to your body.

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