Does the carb source matter? and how?


Does anybody see a big advantage / disadvantage to corn starch vs oat flour vs potato starch for the carbs?

I tried using some dehydrated mashed potatoes and found that it made the soylent really thick, which made me want to water it down, which was kind of a good thing as I am generally more inclined to worry about too much than too little of nutrients in general.


Ideally you want slow carbs to avoid a sugar spike. Soylent uses a mix of oat powder and maltodextrine.

You also want to make sure that whatever macros you have don’t put you too over the top on the micros.


So is corn starch better than oat powder because it doesn’t have manganese? It seems like a carb that’s only carbs and nothing else helps assuming your source of micros is well balanced, and some extra micronutrients in your carb source puts you higher on that one.

Or am I missing something?


No, you got it. I’ve experimented with adding arrowroot starch (extremely expensive, just happened to have some to try) and it gave me gas. This is because of starches making their way into the large intestine. I had that with oats too, but not nearly as bad as it was with the arrowroot. I read a research article on the digestibility of starches and potato was the worst so that probably wouldn’t work. I’m not sure about corn starch, and I remember tapioca wasn’t part of the study. They did study some interesting starches like kudzu root however. So, for those of you in the south, you have all the starches you could eat right there!

Here it is: “Digestibility of raw rice, arrowroot, canna, cassava, taro, tree–fern, and potato starches”