Does this mixture sound good?

Hey all. I’ve had Soylent a few versions ago and might have to go back to it due to time. Does this mixture sound like something that could be good? Also note, I’m big on consuming sugar. For some reason it helps me throughout the day.

Normal daily serving of the powdered version of Soylent
Three servings of instant tea
Two servings of powdered peanut butter
One cup sugar
~Mix it all together.

If I get a second, overnight job I’ll try this out and tweak it in addition to having a multi-vitamin every day. The excess sugar is for more instant energy. Same with the caffeine. The added protein is to help heal things that will be damaged from up to sixteen hours of work some days.
Does it sound like something that, throughout the day with little sleep, would help me to keep going?

Seems fine. Extra protien and salt would be good if you’re physical all day. The extra sugar probably isn’t needed, but 1 cup spread out across the day would not be terrible. Though you may find you don’t need it.
I would avoid putting boiling tea into the soylent, as vitamin C can degrade at hot temperatures. Warm (body temperature) is fine. If it’s just tea power, then go ahead.
And remember to drink water.