Does timing matter when adding enzymes to Soylent 1.0?


If I want to add enzymes (Beano or other) to my Soylent 1.0, does it make a difference, either to:

  • the final nutritional content, or
  • the effectiveness of gas reduction

whether I:

  • add a day’s worth of enzymes (ground-up pills or powder) to a day’s worth of Soylent to soak overnight in the pitcher, or
  • make a day’s worth of Soylent in the pitcher to soak overnight as normal (no added enzymes), and then ingest the enzyme pills throughout the day with each serving of Soylent?


From my understanding of the chemistry involved, adding the enzymes earlier is better, as they will begin to work on the complex carbs. For best effect against the gas, add them immediately.

I don’t know if the enzymes will make an appreciable difference in the flavor (sweeter?) or texture.

All that being said, after your Soylent cools down in the fridge, the enzymatic action will probably stop until you ingest it - enzymatic reactions tend to be limited to a relatively narrow temperature band - so it may not make much difference.


I put put it right into my Soylent. It works for me.


I found that the beano enzymes would clump if I added it to the already mixed Soylent. So it’s best to sprinkle them into the bag of Soylent powder and stir it around in there a bit, than add it to the pitcher etc…


I just started doing this and it seems like it works fairly well.

I’ve been putting 6 capsules of TopCare Anti-Gas (generic Beano).
Each capsule is 600 GalU of alpha-galactosidase. So 3600 GalU per 2 Liters.

I put it all in when I make the pitcher. I just started this weekend (after seeing this thread).
It does seem to make the 1.0 seem a little bit thinner but no a great deal thinner.
I’ll have most of this week to try it out and see if it does a better job than just taking the pills when I drink Soylent.

One thing I will say is that it is a bit easier doing it this way than taking the pills with each ‘meal’. I don’t have to worry about taking them with me so I can take them at lunch time.

I should be getting another subscription order by the end of this week so I will be able to compare to 1.1 that many people say is much thinner.

I’ll try the 1.1 without adding any to see if it works on it’s own.


@casssax, do you open/break the capsules, or do they dissolve satisfactorily when added whole to the pitcher?


I’ve been breaking them open and sprinkling the powder into the pitcher.


Having accidentally dropped the casing in once, I assure you that you do not want the gelatin in there. After sitting in my Soylent for half a day, the casing made its way into my swig. It felt very gross and I spit it out before I could figure out what it was.

So yeah. Powder only.


For some reason this made me giggle. Made me think of drinking kombucha and that scary monster at the bottom of the bottle. Ugh.