Doing A 60 Day Pilgrimage on Soylent


I’m raising money in order to go on an 88 Temple Shikoku Pilgrimage in Japan. I want to travel by foot camping when possible and existing primarily on Soylent. I’d really appreciate your support.


Make a video and give daily updates :smile:


It seems like carrying 88 days worth of soylent around might be a bit cumbersome. Surely pilgrims can eat with the monks/nuns?


I’ll throw some dollars at that. If you need someone to translate and carry all that Soylent for you, let me know. :slight_smile: (Though, I’d recommend having it mailed to post offices nearby so you can pick them up as needed.)

Best of luck, and keep us updated!


It’s not 88 days, it’s 60. Was planning on carrying a months supply. Then shipping the next month to whereever I estimate my location to be.


Excellent advice, thanks. I’ll get back to you on your offer.


I plan on doing so. I’ll be sure to share a link here.