Don’t Take Your Vitamins


An opinion piece on the NY Times about vitamins, oxidants and antioxidants. Worth reading.


I read another article a few months ago on the dangers of antioxidants. These two articles seem to cover the same set of studies.

The article I linked is a bit clearer. The problem we found is very with high doses of antioxidant vitamins; Vitamin A and Vitamin E in particular. The studies involved daily doses of 6 times the recommended daily allowance or more. While previous studies showed some benefits in young, healthy individuals, two large-scale studies focused on people at a high risk for cancer (smokers, people exposed to asbestos, elderly people) showed increased mortality rates.

The bottom line is that high daily doses of antioxidants may be beneficial to young, healthy people, but they are very harmful to people dealing with cancer. The article I linked has more details.

This is not particularly relevant to Soylent. We are consuming only the recommended daily amounts of vitamins and minerals and watching carefully for overdoses. I haven’t seen a single discussion here about trying high doses of antioxidant vitamins. This is a good warning in case the topic comes up though.