Donating blood on Soylent

Has anybody had issues with donating blood on 100% official Soylent? This is my first time donating since starting, and I’m having some difficulties post-donation. I’ve never so much as felt tired before, so I’m not sure if it’s just a fluke, related to poor sleep, or because of the dietary differences of Soylent.

I sometimes feel weak after giving blood, I wonder if Soylent will cause me to sometimes feel weak after giving blood too!

I actually noticed the opposite. I’m not 100%, but I have been 80-90% most weeks since the beginning of the year. Without exception I have felt like crap for a couple of days after giving blood pre-soylent, but when I gave a few weeks ago I didn’t feel any different after than I did going in, I was pleasantly surprised. My blood work had improved also, so I’m pretty happy with the changes.

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Have you been losing weight / dieting while on Soylent? Because those symptoms are also common for people who are on a reduced-calorie diet who give blood… and inadequate sleep will definitely make it harder to recover from any stressor.

I don’t think so? *looks at fat* I’m pretty sure that’s not it. Though the internet seems to think that I burn ~2700 calories a day. So if that’s true, I am on a “reduced calorie diet”. It felt weird from the beginning. I felt anxious about all the pokes, and normally I’m just “bleeding, shmeeding!” So yeah. It was a weird experience.

Official or DIY? If DIY, with recipe? People Chow-based recipes might be deficient in iron. The masa entry in that recipe lists 7.2 mg iron per 100 grams, apparently based on the USDA’s “enriched masa” entry, although every brand of masa I’ve actually seen for sale is much closer to the USDA’s “unenriched masa” entry (1.47 grams iron per 100 grams).

Sorry, I’m on official Soylent. I’ll edit my root post to clarify that.!

Try having some red meat. Your needs for iron are elevated after donating blood, so soylent’s level may not be optimal at that point.

Hm. Meat still doesn’t appeal to me, and they said my iron was good. But I’ll keep it in mind if it happens again. I can donate in 2 months, so the experiment can begin anew then.

Egg yolks, dark leafy greens, and iron tablets are all high in iron, too.

I just meant I figured iron wasn’t the issue if I wasn’t craving meat. My desire for meat decreased after a week of Soylent. I could be wrong, but based on the blood people saying my iron levels were acceptable for donating, I would presume that iron is not the issue.

@livingparadox , did you ever figure out whether it’s harder or easier for you to donate blood on Soylent?

I’d be curious to know your experience, because I haven’t given blood since before I started Soylent - I’m a little nervous to, in case it goes badly.

Re: iron levels - for what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure my iron levels make a HUGE difference in how I react to donation. The one time I barely scraped past the minimum iron requirement, I got sick (like, throwing-up sick) and had to go home from work. Other times, when I’ve passed the iron screening with flying colors, I’ve felt a little weak, but mostly fine. Granted, there are plenty of other possible factors that may have caused my reaction that day, but it’s the only significant difference I can remember offhand.

I’ve donated blood many times since starting Soylent. It’s no different than before I started. If you are going to donate more than 2-3 times a year I would suggest taking a daily iron supplement with your Soylent.

I do the same thing I always do - after donating, have 2 beers and a Bacon Cheddar Deluxe.

Can’t say I’ve felt any different than pre-Soylent.

I think it was just some weirdness I was experiencing. The problems happened even after I went back to normal food (not by choice).