Don't chug. 2+ hours to drink a bottle of 2.0 ( for protein )

This is an anecdotal post about absorbing the protein in Soylent, but I’m interested in hearing other people’s experiences.

The point of the post is that liquid food passes through your system quicker than solids. Drink. Soylent. Slowly. Take about 2 hours to drink a bottle of 2.0.

I love Soylent, I drink both 1.5 or 2.0 for most meals. I’m a thin engineer ( I look like @rob ), but I’m physically inactive and I don’t require a lot of calories. Recently I wanted trying to put on some muscle so I upped calories, upped protein, upped activity. I’ve done this many times in the past and I’ve never had a problem putting on 10+ lbs. over a couple months. This is the first time I’ve done it on a Soylent diet, and progress was extremely slow. I fell into a routine of mixing PB and whey protein powder into a batch of 1.5 and bringing that to work for lunch. I would drink a 2.0 on the way to work.

I started noticing my urine was very frothy. Eventually I realized that the frothiness appeared after my Soylent meals. Frothy or foamy urine is an indication of protein being passed in the urine. Obviously this was a result of my upped protein intake, but it got me doing some experimenting and research. I could drink a cup of tea and go to the restroom without seeing any indications of foamy urine. An hour later, if I drink a bottle of 2.0 (within 10 or 20 minutes) and follow that with a cup of tea, urine has foam. So with just the off the shelf Soylent, I could see protein loss.

I searched around and came up with some rough numbers: we can absorb around 10g of protein an hour. I’m guessing that for myself it was probably even lower. So, the final amateur experiment was to drink 2.0 over a 2 hour time frame and check my urine. That helped. Froth is significantly decreased or not noticeable.

At this point I’m trying to stretch out the consumption process throughout the day, but it’s rough. I’m a chugger. I realize putting something in my stomach before Soylent will slow the rate that it passes through the GI, and I’m looking into supplementing with enzymes (specifically to get more protein). Apparently adding some milk (for fats and casein) is a common strategy for increasing protein absorption.

Obviously, this leads me to wonder about what else is getting flushed too quickly.

Some sources:
A Review of Issues of Dietary Protein Intake in Humans


I apologize in advance…

Is it frothy enough for you to fill up a pint glass and get a good head on it?



lol, that’s exactly what it is. I had picked up these little shakes of whey from Costco, and after chugging one of those the froth is just like a beer.

Undigested protein usually leads to smelly flatulence. Any problems there?

I’ve been drinking one bottle of 2.0 for a couple weeks now after a several month break. I don’t have more gas than normal, but the gas I do have has that “rotten egg” smell. I’m taking a break from 2.0 starting today to see if it goes away…

I can’t not (double negative, sorry) chug Soylent. I need more protein than it offers, though, anyway.

Great info, however; I’m glad you posted your experience.

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Has anyone else experienced this? I haven’t noticed any changes in urine quality. I always chug my 2.0…@Gloryless, have you been assessed for kidney damage?


Actually I should have added to my previous post that I haven’t ever noticed this. (foamy urine) And like I said, I always drink it quickly. (less than 5 min per bottle)








Nope, haven’t had them specifically checked out. I had my yearly screening last month which includes a urine sample ( after fasting ) and everything was cool.

Drinking them on the drive to work was my slow down strategy. If I pop it open at home I’ll just smash it in a few minutes as well.

As a medical student and recreational bodybuilder I have spent more time reading about nutrition that I would like to admit to my fellows.

The 10g/h refers to how fast the protein is absorbed in the gut but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink soylent fast soylent and normal food get treated the same, after chewing and digestion All food will have the same consistency. Think about it in an evolutionary perspective: Would be dumb if you had to eat your meat really slow, after all you are being watched by other predators.

Your urine may be frothy for a lot of reasons besides protein and protein in urine can be caused by a lot of things independent of diet, to be sure go to your doctor and ask for an urinalysis.

PS: Pardon my bad grammar, I am not a native speaker.


I’m not on Soylent specifically (UK) but I do consume an alternative for all meals. I mix up three servings per day, and drink each commonly in a single action. Sometimes I’ll sip it over the course of perhaps a minute, but mostly I’m in work and I just down the whole thing in one go.

Like the OP I have been building muscle mass recently with three trips to the gym per week doing weights, it’s not something I’ve tried before so I don’t have a control to compare against, but I’m pleased with the progress made. No froth either!

So, from my own experience, I’d have to disagree with the slow drinking idea, soylent 2.0 needs five bottles per day, right? That’s ten hours of eating! My current daily food prep, consumption and cleaning fits inside five minutes; I think I’ll keep it that way!


I looked into this 10g/hr thing a bit and I think Gloryless has misunderstood the concept. That is the rate at which your body absorbs protein, but that doesn’t mean you can only have 10g one hour and need to get the other 10g the next hour. Soylent stays in your gut for longer than 2 hours, so all the protein will get absorbed eventually regardless how fast you drink it.

As for the foamy urine…I really think that should get checked out. If 2.0 alone is causing protein excretion in your urine there might be something wrong. Do any other foods have this effect?


Is it frothy enough for you to fill up a pint glass and get a good head on it?

Are you recruiting for Anheuser-Busch or something?

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Estimates of how quickly we can absorb protein have to do with it getting from the gut into the blood.

Protein in the urine does not come from the gut; urine comes from the kidneys, and the kidneys filter the blood.

So urine comes from the blood… protein making urine foamy is protein that has been absorbed.

If your body’s tissues are hungry for protein, they take it up from your blood. If they do not, the kidneys filter it out. This is a sign that you’re getting plenty of protein, but it’s not a sign of a digestibility problem with Soylent or with your other protein supplements.

This is not an inherently bad thing; flushing your tissues with higher amounts of protein helps muscles grow (if you’re also exercising and eating an excess of calories), or helps you preserve muscle (if you’re eating a calorie deficit to lose weight.)

If you frequently produce large levels of foam and/or protein in the urine, you might want to check in with your doctor - this can also be an early sign of kidney problems. Very high-protein diets are harder on the kidneys (this is why carnivorous animals, like cats, have enormous kidneys in comparison to ours.)


I usually chug my bottles, simply because I like it that much. I usually chug about half a bottle, let it sit for about 5 minutes, then usually chug the rest. A bottle doesn’t last me more than 5-10 minutes, I can’t imagine trying to make it last for 2 hours.