Don't overtighten the pitcher


In my zeal to securely seal the Takeya pitcher, I’ve been over-tightening it. I think this actually causes leaks because it compresses the gaskets too much. I hope I didn’t damage them permanently, but if so, I see they do sell a double set of replacement O-rings for $1.99 with free shipping at


Might be my problem as well


I noticed this too… Often the gasket will hop out of the groove and bulge, causing it to leak. Now I put a little of the oil blend onto my finger and run it around the lid gasket before I dump the rest in and shake. Haven’t had the problem since.


I think I get that too… Not consistently though. Just every once in a while, it doesn’t seal correctly. And its been happening more often.

I did wonder if I was twisting too tight…


You mean I should stop using my pipe wrench to close the lid?


Funny enough the cleaner the pitcher is the more likely the gasket will bind and not seal. :wink:


This is the number one problem I have with the pitcher as well. There is a sweet spot of tightness that is a fairly wide range between not tight enough and so tight that rubber gasket pops as mentioned before.


Agreed… I’ve overtightened it a few times. I have also noticed that often it gets tighter after sitting overnight. Not sure if it’s due to a buildup of gasses in the pitcher or what… but the pressure needed to unscrew it in the mornings is sometimes fairly extreme.

Sometimes when I’ve had leaks, I’ve noticed that even the smallest trace amounts of powder in the threads can be the culprit. Make really sure the cap is completely clean before you go on a shaking frenzy. :slight_smile:


Yup me too, don’t over tighten!


If you’ve ever left Soylent in the fridge for over a week, you will not only find that opening the pitcher is tougher but there is a pop and a gas leak sound. You can accelerate this by putting a pitcher of Soylent in the sun for a day. Warning: the smell is like vomit.


I’ve actually noticed that pop+gas sound when I carry the pitcher around in my car… maybe I should stop doing that. No bad smell/taste but the gas increase did seem like a potential concern.


Seems like lining everything up straight (lid’s handle/arrows, spout, elliptical base) comes pretty close to the right tightness.


If you chill your Soylent the volume of air inside the sealed container will naturally increase as the container warms. The gasses become less dense as they warm up and this is likely the reason for your experience. I doubt over the course of a couple hours you could have significant yeast or bacteria activity, at least with a relatively fresh batch, but if anyone in the forum has an analyzer that can test this let’s do an experiment! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is true for one of my pitchers but not the other… go figure.
I may have damaged one of them with my over-tightening though.


I learned this the hard way when I was almost unable to open it! Glad I have three, in case I mess up my oldest one. :l


This isn’t the appropriate thread for complaints, just FYI.


My pitcher is leaking like crazy. Can I get a replacement from Soylent?


I’d first check how tight you’re turning it. If you tighten it too far, it actually causes leaks. Tighten it to close, but not to the point where it starts resisting tightening.

If that doesn’t fix it, you can tag Soylent in your reply and they should respond.


Try using only two fingers to close and tighten the lid. I find that it’s the use of the palm of the hand that really causes overtightening. But with only 2 fingers, you’d have to try hard to go too far.


Really should be a better pitcher - the fact that there’s so many posts & threads about this pitcher should be enough proof of that on its own.

Seriously? Multiple instruction/complaint posts/threads? For a pitcher?


I think the number of posts/complaints would be far higher if it were actually a bad pitcher.

Eighteen posts isn’t a sizable thread around here, and this one goes back to July.