Double fulfillment of a single order


I originally backed Soylent on 21 May 2013, and received my first shipment (four weeks) on 19 August 2014. I then reordered on September 19th (as a 4-week subscription), which I received on September 27th. I then received another shipment notification, which was confusing. I logged into the ChargeBee portal and made sure my subscription was cancelled (successfully, with no pending charges or extra payments made). I figured this was fine and maybe it was just a phantom shipping notification (I’ve been kind of busy and didn’t really look into it beyond the portal; my main fear was another $255 charge on my card, which logging in allayed me of).

Imagine my surprise when I received two large brown cardboard boxes today from Soylent, each containing two 1-week boxes of Soylent (1.0, I assume, since they are identical to the old boxes). I’ve checked my credit card and I was only charged for one month; I checked the ChargeBee portal again and it only shows one order.

It’s possibly worth noting that the first reorder shipped from California and the phantom order shipped from Pennsylvania.

If this is Rosa Labs’ way of thanking me for patiently waiting over a year for my first Soylent order to arrive, it’s much appreciated. However, if there is a software bug or human error causing extra orders to be sent out gratis, I thought you guys should be made aware of it.


This just happened to me yesterday as well. Almost exactly as described.


Perhaps @JulioMiles should look into this.


They really need to unload all of the 1.0 they have left. :slight_smile:


Tagging @soylent for reference.


thanks @chris1 :smile:


It appears that I will be getting two more weeks of Soylent on Saturday that I did not pay for. Not sure how or why, or if I will be charged later? @soylent


Thanks for the heads-up @wezaleff @chris1 @horsfield @Neebs57 – we’re looking into your shipments today.

@chris1, can you please PM me your order email address? Thanks!


This happened to my order as well. We ordered a one-time shipment of 28 bags, got two shipping e-mails, and received both orders on Friday with 28 bags in each. What should we do?


It almost sounds like Rosa Lab’s right hand doesn’t know what its left hand is doing. From what I understand they have two distribution centers and it sounds like they are not synchronized properly and are both filling the same orders or orders that have been canceled.


I’ve already posted about this in the Shipping/Fulfillment thread, but yes, identical situation.