Double jaw surgery = surviving on soylent


Thought I’d share this here, only because its one of those use cases that people might have never thought of. I saw the soylent kickstarter, read about it, and thought “hey, this would be PERFECT for my surgery about a year from now.” Ironically, it took about 11 months to receive it, but that worked out just fine for me.

So I had double jaw surgery. Orthognathic. Lefort 1 osteotomy and some other stuff, if you’re willing to stomach the video on youtube (its really hard to watch). No solid foods, whatsoever, for 8-12 weeks. I’ve done meal replacements before, while really working out and training hard, and didnt want to survive on those alone as they arent balanced enough for 24/7 use, not if they’re 95% of your daily intake for 3 months.

So I’m rounding the corner on week 3 today with soylent. Thats all long winded, right? Ready for a punch line?

My recovery is going MUCH faster than most people advertise. My surgeon was surprised, my nurses were surprised, and comparing my timeline to those online, I’m blazing past them.

Punchline 2: i’m 33 years old. i’m towards the upper 5% age group for having this done. most people my age dont recover well from this, and while my first week was bad (unrelated to nutrition), at the start of week 3 i’m where most people claim to be at the start of week 5, strength and ability wise. in fact since the end of week 2, I’ve been packing to move, lifting heavy objects, and basically ignoring doctors orders because I’m on a timeline crunch and had to.

I sincerely dont think I could have done that on an empty stomach, or having a diet consisting of incredible amounts of protein from my whey/casein powder, or a ton of sugar from smoothies. So, kudos soylent team.


Hey, I’m having a different orthognathic surgery (and just on the lower jaw) done sometime in the next year, and it’s been handy to know I’ll have Soylent then. (It already came in handy when I had all four wisdom teeth out at once.)

Spouse had a colonoscopy today; I brought a pouch of Soylent for the gastroenterologist to look at and confirm it would be a good part of the “soft food” diet recommended for the next 24 hours. She hadn’t seen it before, was interested, said it was fine.

Congrats for how well you’re doing!


I just had surgery on my nose and chin 10 days ago and Soylent has been a life saver for me. I brought a bag into my pre op and my Dr okayed it for pre and post surgery. I did water it down a bit to make it easier to drink through a straw.


I’m pleased with how friction-free the approval of Soylent is for doctors once they have an actual package to evaluate.



I had jaw surgery about 15 years ago and was wired shut for around 10 weeks or so. Soylent would have been a godsend for me at that point.


I had colon cancer at 24 (about 10 years ago now) and have had a precancerous polyp since, so I get them done nearly yearly. I used to follow all their recommendations, now it tends to be, I fast on water the day before and eat a huge hamburger immediately upon waking up (there’s a hamburger place walking distance from the GI center). Hahah. Oh man I can’t stand the sight of jello or plain animal broth anymore. Incidentally, I’m becoming more resistant to anesthetic -_-. I pretty much get up and walk out right after the procedure and sometimes recall some of it meanwhile they are trying to seat me in a wheelchair and wheel me out to the parking lot, but I just get up and go about my hamburger journey. Haha.


Hope you get better soon