Doubt cast on heart protecting benefits of Eskimo diet


The researchers found that only one study directly assessed the
prevalence of CAD or CAD risk factors, and that study showed that CAD
morbidity was similar among Inuit and American and European populations.
In most studies, the prevalence of CAD was similar for Greenland
Eskimos and Canadian and Alaskan Inuit and for non-Eskimo populations.
The original studies (Bang and Dyerberg) from the 1970s that formed the
basis of the supposed cardioprotective effect of the Eskimo diet did not
examine the prevalence of CAD.

It’s interesting - and casts doubt on the heart protective benefits of high fat diets. It’s neat that there is so much material out there for these types of meta-studies.


“To date, more than 5,000 papers have been published studying the alleged beneficial properties of omega-3 fatty acids not to mention the billion dollar industry producing and selling fish oil capsules based on a hypothesis that was questionable from the beginning.”

I came in here to post this article, but decided to check and see if anyone had already done so. jrowe47 be fast on the draw!


Is Soylent oil blend based upon Eskimo diet ratios? It does seem to have an inverted ratio of Omega 3:6 than what I’ve been doing for health.


Whats the smoking levels in their populations? And sleep? And the prevalance of gum disease in their populations?