Dr. Andrew Weil weighs in on Omega 3 and prostate cancer 7-29



Sort of. He’s talking about one particular study’s questionable accuracy.

Bottom line: this appears to be an unfortunate combination of questionable science, unwarranted conclusions, and dreadful media coverage. The well documented evidence for myriad benefits of high dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids on both physical and mental health is very strong.


As far as I can tell there has only been one study. And every article about this is referencing that one study. I could be wrong but I have only found one study.

Heres another article As for taking supplements, the latest research does not prove that omega-3 supplements cause prostate cancer


Another article.


Makes one wonder why it was published.


Another article. Specifically, the data for which these “scientists” used to derive their silly conclusion was obtained from a study looking at Selenium and Vitamin E – not Omega-3s! Any data regarding Omega-3s was not adequately controlled, marginally well understood, or even explained, to give rise to any conclusions whatsoever. A single blood test is ludicrous and the differences in levels were small at best. Plus, it says nothing about supplements while foolishly leading to a conclusion that the essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids (the fats we must have) cause cancer. I have gone over just a few of the reasons above, but there are actually countless factors that make this study absolutely irrelevant toward any conclusion regarding Omega-3 Supplements and Prostate Cancer. Ultimately and most importantly, I will continue taking my Omega-3 Supplements everyday just as I have for the last 30+ years.