DR. Joel Wallach take a look please


Lack of nutrition if you are aware and know how most of the population of earth is so blind to this subject check him out Dr. Joel Wallach. We are all have malnutrition I believe Soylent or Soylent 4.0 could save the human race in the future. But if this does catch on I think Rinehart’s company might disappear just like car that ran on vapors of two gallons of Gas. It went 300 miles Tom Ogle was the inventor he showed up dead mysteriously. The government will find a way to control this if it is a threat to the new world order. Yes I sound like it’s a conspiracy theory but if you have a brain and use it is most likely true. Gmo chemicals cheap no nutritional food it’s all bad. I support you Soylent.


How about some links you already found interesting and informative by that Dr? I know I would give it a read.


I will put some up but if you have a comp I am sure you will find plenty. I will post soon thanks for reading. Watch “The Revolution Against Medical Tryanny with Dr. J…” on YouTube
The Revolution Against Medical Tryanny with Dr. J…: http://youtu.be/0O9POr5jmRs


And I also am not making a debate about Soylent but more of a thank goodness it’s hear and affordable.


Watch “Mineral deficiency Dr Joel Wallach speaks about…” on YouTube
Mineral deficiency Dr Joel Wallach speaks about…: http://youtu.be/GT4DUuqEWkc


Watch “Who Is Dr Joel D Wallach - Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” on YouTube
Who Is Dr Joel D Wallach - Dead Doctors Don’t Lie: http://youtu.be/K2x4vVbfwa8


This was actually an argument given to me by one of my friends who is not a conspiracy theorist and is generally concerned that something like Soylent could fall into the wrong hands and either be used poorly or completely hidden if it was more profitable to do so.

She generally was scared of Soylent and Rob’s idea of industrializing food and getting rid of agriculture all together. She’s on the side of food being a cultural necessity as well as a nutritional necessity, but is interested in the outcome of Soylent and thinks it could very well be a good way to feed the hungry and poor.


Yes I see but it’s all about a inexpensive way to have nutrition.


Thats the thing though. It was never Robs intent with Soylent to get rid of all food or agriculture “altogether”. By his own admission Rob doesnt live solely on soylent. Like an article said, forget which one. It said, and I am paraphrasing, "Soylent isnt coming for your sunday potluck its coming for your frozen quesadillas."
Soylent is coming for your meals where all you want to do is get your fuels as fast and efficient as possible and going. Mornings before work where you wouldnt normally have time to make breakfast so you go to McDonalds for that crap or something even crappier like say a jalapeno sausage roll at a convenience store that has 1800 mg of sodium. Its coming for your lunches at work when you didnt have time to prepare something healthy but didnt want to again go eat some crap food instead. Its coming for your disposable meals. Not all meals are experiences in community. I cant even fathom where people come up with this idea that soylent is going to somehow turn into some kind Orwellian novel.


I do agree I am simply saying nutrition is not at all what we think half of the most common heath problems are a lack of malnutrition. We can save many if we help people eat right food or Soylent. Nutrients are dead in our everyday food. We treat the problems not the cause is all I’m saying.


I agree with you. I think there is much to be learned. I think soylent is a good start.


Yeah, the New Yorker article was a nicely balanced piece I think. And I used this as an argument as well as other several points why Soylent isn’t evil, but she’s stubborn and just concerned. And that’s okay. :smile: In time, people will see, even if it’s super frustrating from out point of view.


Also yes I think Soylent needs a long way to go to be exactly what is needed cause honestly I am a nutritionist. But as one we know a small amount of what we need to know about the workings of the human body. Even doctors don’t know everything about its a new beginning of understanding of nutrition just glad someone is really trying and making it affordable is all.


Yes I agree I have read the article and I also use it.


We honestly don’t know how far Soylent has to go. We need to see how it works in the long term with a large number of people. If it helps to make people more healthy than they were before while also being more convenient and more cost effective then I think Soylent will be an unquestionable success.


Being concerned is good let the people using Soylent and blood test confirm her or unconfirm her doubts, and lack of solids in a diet could have a short or long term problems I do agree.


Yes yes I totally agree


Yes long term is way better to see the results of it. But it’s funny how new drugs can be on the market in less than a year with mostly animals being tested. Without humans test is like a 2% fraction.


Look at the all-vegan ingredients of the official Soylent, minus the oil. How would that get right of agriculture? Everything is either plant-based or inorganic.

Furthermore, is “propping up agriculture” something that is desirable? How about a free market economy where the winners win and the losers lose? If Soylent meets expectations it has the potential to be the food that makes everyone healthy, and that is a pure win no matter who’s camp you are in.


I really like that Rob decided to open source the recipe, this is the ultimate weapon against any theoretical conspiracy to stop it. It also will allow for competition of ideas and everyone in the long run will benefit from improving formulations based upon actual results.