Draft replies and draft topics


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Topic drafts are indeed saved. However there is only 1 draft since you can only have one new topic “in flight” at any time.

Here’s a screenshot of a new topic I started composing on try.discourse.org in Google Chrome, then I closed the browser and started up a new browser (IE). Once I logged in, the editor popped up on the homepage with my draft topic:

However, you must be on a topic list page, not inside a topic, for the topic draft to appear. You can test this yourself on try.discourse.org as I have. Note that I did this from the homepage which is /latest. Where did you begin composing your new topic from?

(Reply drafts, you can have one for every topic in the system, in theory anyway. And reply drafts pop up when you enter the topic they are replying to.)


I started creating my new topic from the home page, and it went back to the homepage after I hit the back button in Chrome, but the editor didn’t pop back up so I clicked “Create Topic” and got an empty editor. Maybe I didn’t wait long enough. In any case, if it works for you, then it was probably just a fluke for me. Thanks for the response. :smiley:


Hmm, in testing, the links in the editor preview do open in a new tab for me:

Clicking on the link there in the preview opens a new tab, for me, in Chrome/Win latest at least


Apparently, Discourse just hates me. :frowning: I’ll have to try to recreate the conditions and see if I can duplicate the issue.


Discourse loves you!