Drank my Soylent from a Camelback Hydration Sling Pack today


Casual Friday so I’ve got the thing filled up, and have the thing slung over my shoulder and the tube clipped to my shirt.

Pretty cool, but I’m hoping the cleaning instructions are accurate because if not, I just ruined a sling pack…

Update 9/8/14 - Cleaned the thing per instructions after having water in it once I finished the Soylent and it seems fine…No odor, visible signs of crud or nano creatures trying to get out through the tube…

Letting it sit opened and empty since Saturday am until this coming Friday when I’ll give it another go…


Hah, good luck! Let us know how it goes, I’m a little skeptical


Personally, I only put water in my CB to make cleaning easier. You’re a brave man. Good luck with that!


No way that is every going to be clean again. I have a hard time just cleaning my thermos after Soylent has been in it.


You know how Soylent gets when it sits in a container over a weekend - you get explosive beerlent if you seal it, or a crusty mess if you leave it open to the air. Soak the inside with a diluted bleach solution overnight, then follow that up with a really good rinsing and soaking with baking soda.

Never put anything that has sugar in a Camelback. It’s going to ferment/mold unless you take a lot of time to clean it, especially in the hose.


Having trouble cleaning it? Try this:


I was going to say, there’s a few good cleaning tablet options. Denture tabs work, and Camelback sells their own, which also work great. (I’ve got a Camelbak Mule - love it!)

That said, I’d just keep the water in it. Soylent is a meal; water is for hydration. (insert obvious caveat here) I’d just bring some of the powder along separate, and mix it in a bottle. Platypus makes some great collapsible ones.


I would suggest not using bleach in camelbacks. I used it diluted to clean one and then it started cracking and leaking.


Just for more info: I’ve got this kit, and it works great:



Yeah, that was a bad idea.


Its a dream. Soylent bags that covert in to camlesl packs… To bad lipids + plastic = bacteria/leaching


While I agree with the others that this is likely to ruin the CB… it really does sound like the ultimate dream come true.

I mean, what’s better than having the perfect nutrient slurry, then to have it constantly available at a tube to sip at any time. It’s the ultimate realization of our glorious post-food dystopia!

Hopefully somebody will come up with a product that takes the unique challenges of Soylent into account to have something similar. In the meantime, constant cleaning as suggested above, and probably a separate bladder for your food and water would be ideal. :slight_smile:


I request mine in the form of a beer hat. Soylent from one tube, beer from the other. Perfect office attire!


That. Is. Genius!

Then again, after reading some of the posts on here about drinking and Soylent… might be a recipe for some unhappy tummy issues. Worth it though!


I don’t see why this would ‘ruin’ a camel back. You can full disassemble it and it shouldn’t be very hard to clean. Fill it with hot soapy water and let it soak for a bit. You can soak the mouth piece and the tube in the same soapy water.

I would think the main thing is just to fill it up / rinse it out as soon as you’re done with the soylent.

It might work better (drinking through the CB) if you water your Soylent down a bit so it flows better.

Contrary to other peoples experiences, I’ve never had a problem cleaning the blender bottles that I drink it from or the pitcher.

Just don’t let it dry in there.


DEFINITELY worth it!

Just make sure you have soft toilet tissue the next day.


You’re right, ruin is probably a strong word for it. I’ve just always been paranoid about camelbacks and water bottles with straws/mouthpieces, and I never put anything other than straight water in them. Imagining the lingering effects of this delightful chunky stuff in the tubes and bite-valves just makes me shudder a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t help but think this would be absolutely terrible on the teeth, having constant nutrient slurry present.


It can’t be worse than all of the coffee I slug down in the office!


True. Then again, once we adapt to our perfect slurrified future, teeth would be altogether unnecessary - maybe we’ll end up with fleshy suction-holes perfect for sucking on a straw all day, or even gummy probisci for sipping paste from bottles. Mmm, there’s some yummy mental images to go with a sipping lunch. :wink: