Drawing on Soylent Bottle (Bottle Art)


Do you ever draw (doodle) on your Soylent bottle creating bottle art?


(Note: Not my drawings. I found them online.)

Soylent Doodles!


I do now!

(I think I’ve really captured the weight-loss and gaseous effects here.)


If you guys draw something cool (effort please <3 ) I’ll send you a tshirt :slightly_smiling:


Couple more found online. (not mine)


Apparently DeltaHacks is running a contest featuring bottle art now. Here are a few Twitter entries.

(The last several are videos that you have to click on the tweet to see.)

You have to click on these to see the videos:



Some more from other contest entries on Twitter:

Video (Have to click on it):






Had to gif one of the videos above in case people weren’t clicking on it to see it. Hopefully it doesn’t slow down browser load times too much.


Saw this one on Reddit:


Wow, you caught them all. There is pokemon reference to be made.


I kinda think “custom” art like the above randomly printed on the bottles would be a cool way to sell Soylent in stores.

But then you’d have to pay the artists to use them.

I like both the blank soylents and the ones with art on them.


This one, @SkullAndCostBones?


This makes my little kilroy doodle look lame.