DRI calculators, baseline calories, and getting your mix right for you


Been lurking for awhile and working on a mix, but it wasn’t until today that I got a chance to sit down and spend some time closely looking the original mix that everyone is basing their own off of (as I have as well) and what it means for me.

Roughly, AFAICT, the default mix contains ~1600cal (200g carb = 800cal, 50g pro = 200cal, 65g fat = 585cal), so if your daily caloric need is that (as it was for Rob, though I think he upped it eventually), you’re golden.

But for many of us, this is the WRONG mix, and clearly, I should have thought of this earlier, but I was just trying to get a mix that was palatable and didn’t make me want to puke. So finally I went over to the USDAs site and found a nice DRI calculator to help me estimate my baseline needs. Find it here: http://fnic.nal.usda.gov/fnic/interactiveDRI/

And guess what? MY estimated daily caloric needs are ~3500cal/day. So until I establish a better baseline (and please if anyone has suggestions for how to do that, I’m all ears), I’m going to stick with cutting that by 15% to help lose some weight, putting my goal at ~3000cal/day. Since I’m using this mainly as a breakfast/lunch meal replacement (since I suck at eating those two meals), I’m going to aim for my Soylent mix to be ~ 2000cal/day.

I’m sure people are adjusting their mixes, but I’ve not seen much talk on the board of how to establish a baseline, so I thought I’d point out the USDA calculator as it may be revealing for nutrition noobs like myself.

And if anyone is curious, I had to ditch olive oil in favor of coconut oil, some vanilla and a banana in order to make it even remotely drinkable. This morning my girlfriend tasted it and said it was really good, so I think I’m getting close to the right mouthfeel and taste…


I wouldn’t use their macronutrient profile. It’s intensely carb heavy, but that’s the nature of our current health recommendations. Especially since your soylent probably isn’t using slow digesting or carbs with tons of fiber, you probably don’t want to load it up with carbs unless you don’t mind the crash. Nearly every nutritionist outside of the government has been shifting towards more proteins and healthy fats. It’s great for micros though.


Very interesting.
macronutrients are kind of crazy, but micronutrients sometimes differ from Robs reccomendations.
I am just constructing my own soylent and i am not sure, should i change my ingrediends to fit it to this values?