Drinks too, Brute?

Starting to see reports of drinks making people sick. AUG17 batch. Sound off here!

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It’s great to have a cheerleader for more complants. Personally, I have been consuming 2.0 lately and it has been superb as usual. Recently I was using up my last reserves of 1.5; it was fine, and before that the always-great 1.6.


I never had 2.0 (Kinda scared now to have anything from Soylent/RL) but so far my score for me personally is:

1.1 powder = vomiting
1.6 powder = bad nausea
Food Bar = Intense painful nausea

Coffiest on the other hand was awesome and I had no problem with 10 bottles of it. But I’m scared of it too, now. 1.3 powder + oil was perfection in my opinion.

It’s really important that issues with a food product like this are broadcasted to the entire community ASAP so people can be wary and mindful when consuming the product and send it back for testing if necessary. Pretending like everything is perfect because of your personal experience is offensive and ignorant.

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For me:

1.0 - 1.5: Fine and dandy
1.6: Nausea (and repellant flavor)
2.0: Fine
Bar, coffiest: Never tried

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1.0: Increase in gas production: exhausted regularly through posterior vent.
1.3.-1.6, 2.0, Coffiest, food bar: no ill effects as of yet.

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And how important in your judgment is it to keep recycling reports of problems with Soylent 1.1, which I don’t think has been sold for more than two years?

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You people won’t be happy until they’re not selling anything anymore, will you? The bar & drink are the best products Rosa Labs makes. I don’t think this will end until the bar, drink & powder have all stopped production & Coffiest is just coffee.


Maybe take that up with the people posting the content :slight_smile:

The irony is no one’s posts here have been negative until the people pretending like issues don’t exist sounded off.

1.0 -1.5 no issues
1.6 never had
2.0 no issues ever (on Aug 10 batch right now)
Coffiest - no issues but did not like the taste of coffee
Bar, no issues but also not the best taste

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The goal is a successful Ross Labs+competitors and thriving customers. We are passionate about this so the lows are lower.

The first post in this thread invited people to post negative reports. Then you took me to task for posting positive, recent reports, saying that I was pretending everything is perfect.


Correct. Reports of issues with the food bar came long before the recall was issued, so this thing starts with the community. I would say bubbling up reports of issues with ANY food product is a POSITIVE thing :slight_smile:

Citation needed. You’ve been warned before to be nice. Let’s stay on topic.

It sounds to me like only negative reports are wanted. How can you get an accurate idea of how bad any problem is if positive reports are discouraged?


Everyone has been warned to be nice. I’m very easy going as a moderator. But do not push me. Be civil to one another, this goes for EVERYONE.


Here here. Now back on topic…

Ban invited. I could use a Soylent vacation.

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I’m starting to see anxiety spreading from problems with one product onto others.

I’m glad that the powder is too yucky, clumpy and “labor intensive” for more sensitive users, this may be saving it from scrutiny and expectations of uniformity and perfection that other forms of Soylent have.

My large AUG17 batch of 2.0 (ordered during shortage of powder), is perfect, BTW.

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