Drip-proof oil bottle


I have this olive oil bottle with a design of the neck that helps prevent drips when I pour the oil out for a single meal or other times when you dont want to use the whole oil bottle:
http://postimg.org/image/sdh11n7av/ (large resolution image)

As of now whenever I pour out the soylent oil mix for a single meal it always drips along the side of the bottle and I have to clean it up. Here’s a Yahoo answers post that talks about the same problem for some other oil product.

A drip-proof design would be nice. I think basically its a “lip” that helps the oil run back into the container instead of outside the bottle. The split pieces (with slits) inside that are seen in the olive bottle may also play a role but I’m not sure.


I’m pretty sure Soylent would evolve designs with time, it’s brand new, corp-speaking basically. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion, @Q11! We have updated our oil bottle design multiple times so far, and it will continue to evolve.