Dryer sheets in your underwear?


anyone actually try this for the gas? im thinking about giving it a shot


If you’re actually being serious, I would recommend wearing them inside your pants but outside your underwear. There are tons of chemicals in fabric softener/dryer sheets and prolonged, repetitive contact with them is probably not the best.


didnt think about all them chemicals, thx for bringing that up


Taking it slow and easing into Soylent is supposed to help alot


ive only been doing breakfast and lunch for almost a month now, still pretty bad, smells like roadkill, i keep the febreeze nearby at all times


You could buy a pair of Shreddies.


Diapers. Soylent has us thinking about using diapers.


Dang it. I was hoping this was a thread about how to get these pesky dryer sheets out of my underwear.