Dublin (ROI) Group


Hey everyone!

We have at least 3 Dubs here, so I thought I’d make a little threat for us so that we may cooperate a bit, maybe meet, and share things, and all that stuff.

@rossm @mcreardon

Here’s my formulation and sources btw: http://discourse.soylent.me/t/ireland-uk-formula-and-sources/489

So…assuming that you other 2 (or do we have more than that?) are interested in testing that one with me, should we share shipping cost etc on the Amazon stuff, and maybe share some of the longer lasting micronutrients to lower setup costs for initial testing?

I haven’t looked into shipping costs yet, but with my current formula and sources setup cost for a single person trial, one month is €281,46

The following ingredients (from my current formula) cost €77,74 alltogether and could easily split 3 ways for a 1 month trial:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Manganese
  • Molybdenum
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin B4
  • Omega 3

Similarily, by ordering 2 units of the whey (if you are partial to strawberry) and splitting them 3 ways we would reduce the setup cost by a further €32,74 for a 1 month trial.

…reducing setup cost per person to €170,98.


Apparently the minimum title length for a thread is 16… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m done adjusting the formula now, and will start ordering things. :slight_smile:
Not ordering whey yet as I have enough of it left for a while, so their is still opportunity to save money by working together, @rossm and @mcreardon :smiley:


Dub here too. I’m interested in the project, but not too keen on actually trying it yet. Let me know how you get on.


Hey lads, what’s the craic?
Another Irishman here with a big interest.

I’ve been following Soylent since I think The Verge covered it some time back and while I find it very interesting, I’m not quite sure how keen I am about trying some homebrew, no offence @curiousben.

I’m not sure where my interest comes from, I could do with saving a few Euros, I could do with losing a few pound, but neither are at the top of my agenda. I know my diet is terrible so even if Soylent is bad for me, surly it’s better than what I’m feeding myself?

Unfortunately I don’t have much to add in the way of science, biology or chemistry!

Keep me updated!



Hi Ben, apologies for the late reply, I missed this the first time. I’m very interested but also a little apprehensive of bad results. Having said that 170 seems reasonable. I plan on replacing breakfast and dinner.
My only question would be: how close do you think you are to Rob’s recipe and if not exact, where do you think teh shortcomings would be? For all my interest I haven’t actually had the time yet to research my own recipe/source ingredients, so thank you very much for putting this together!


Also need to give you my email details so can organise further, are you able to PM on this?


Hi Ross!

The numbers have changed a bit, had to change some of the amazon sources.

I also already ordered in smaller amounts (for a one month trial for myself).
But, I would be more than happy to share the longer lasting stuff with you, with the shipping cost on that split that should save us quite a bit (as almost everything had to come from separate suppliers sadly)!

Specificaly, that would be the phosphor, calcium, magnesium, selenium, manganese, molybdenum, B12, K, B4 and the omega 3 stuff.
Paid €133,13 (including shipping/parcel motel) for those! :S

My soylent definitely is different from Rob’s.
Obviously the taste will be different with my choice of macros, and I use a crushed up multivitamin tablet instead of adding all vitamins and minerals separately in powder form. The ones not or not sufficiently included I also get in tablet form.
That is slightly more expensive than Rob’s version, but a lot more convenient, since instead of weighing all the microgram stuff I can just throw together a bunch of tablets, crush them, and add them to the proteins, carbs and oils every day. Should save me a lot of time!

Also, my soylent only contains essentials - no nootropics and all the other stuff Rob has in for now.
Main reason for that is that I want to be able to differentiate where improvements (or problems) are coming from.
So, first the basic stuff, get used to that, and then add extra stuff one by one and see what that does for me.

If you plan to have lunch every day in addition to soylent, you will have 2 make 2 adjustments:

  • You will have to reduce the amount of soylent you consume every day obviously
  • Assuming that you don’t eat half a steak, a salad and some potatoes, rice and mixed vegetables every day for lunch, you will probably want to adjust the micronutrients in your soylent to whatever you are eating. It won’t be much of a problem if you get a bit too little of something, since our current nutrition isn’t ideal to begin with, but depending on what you eat you could overdose on some stuff.
    My favourite example for overdosing on micronutrients is magnesium, since it’s very easy to overdose on it and it makes you very uncomfortable…and very bound to the toilet.
    Problems can occur from 400-500mg already, and look how much some foods contain!


Count me in for this. Awesome.


For sharing the longer holding stuff you mean?
I’ll drop you a PM once everything arrives! :smiley:


B4, B12, Selenium, Calcium, Potassium, Maltodextrin are still missing, of those they didn’t even send yet Maltodextrin and Potassium.
I’m still hopeful though that I will get everything by the end of the month. :slight_smile:


I am happy to share costs etc.


Viptamin looks like a contender as a good base starting point for soylent.

75 euro locally but to ship to Ireland - not so cheap of course.


I disagree actually :stuck_out_tongue:
At the recommended amount of 20g per day, it’s a hopeless overdose on some things (dangerous on at least 3 of them), and you still have to take around the same number of things extra - those extras include the 3 most expensive ones; potassium (Kalium), sulfur (Schwefel) and phosphor.
If you take less, you have to take even more things extra.

And the recommended amount of 20g a day costs you €2,52 per day. The protein included in that is 10% of what you need. I suppose it saves you some time, but not much, and certainly not enough to offset the financial cost.
The one benefit of this seems to be that it already has some of well selected optionals (Lycopin, Gingko and others), but looking at the other proportions in this thing I would be wary of what dosages they might have selected for the optionals.


Still not everything has arrived yet btw. Choline and Potassium will arrive tomorrow (Choline I reordered from a British company after noticing that the currently listed supplier ships from america and I could be waiting for weeks more), Maltodextrin not sure.
It’s with An Post, so…I will know it’s here when it’s here. Might be today, might be in a week. There’s a bank holiday next week, so that could break An Post for the whole month too. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was just about to post that all except the Maltodextrin has arrived, when the post van drove up to the house.
Today, I start. \o/

Ross and mcreardon: You’ll have another message in a few minutes, about sharing stuff.


great stuff. Thanks CuriousBen


Haven’t used this thread in a while.

So, I completed my Soylent-only-experiment, and am very happy with the results.
I blogged about it the whole time, but it seems I never posted the link here! :open_mouth:

For the future, I will keep on using Soylent for ~80% of my diet, and I will also be supplying it (my formula anyways, as the official Soylent won’t be available here for a long time) to the Dublin area.
There’s more information about this available here: http://soylentben.wordpress.com/2013/05/24/day-23-customization-and-optimization-and-sharing/

Any questions you are welcome to post here, PM me here or ask via messages on Facebook. :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m from Northern Ireland and I found a multivitamin that might be of interest to you guys.

Do you have the supermarket chain Asda in ROI? Because we have one up here and it sells a multivit that has exactly 100% of everything except for 0 potassium, 30 calcium and 32 magnesium. It costs £1 for 30 pills. If this is of any use to you?

It’s called Asda A-Z Multivitamin & Minerals and its in a small purple container.

Starting my 28 day Soylent tmrw. Here's my recipe, Please let me know what you think. Thanks

There is no Asda in the south, sadly.
We did find a German multivitamin with the same, so I’m probably gonna start using that soon.

Have they recently changed it though?
If it is this - http://groceries.asda.com/asda-estore/catalog/sectionpagecontainer.jsp?aisleid=1214921925065&skuId=910000412822 - it doesn’t seem to have everything at 100% :smiley:


They’ve changed it, because its the same design as that only the ingredients are different.

Here -