Dublin (ROI) Group


Right then, that makes it much cheaper than the German one.
I’ll take 20 bottles, please! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s £1 for that 30 pill bottle. A train from Dublin to either Kilkeel or Portadown (nearest stores) I think would be £25 return. At least that’s what it was a few years ago when I last used it.

Or if you want me to buy them and post them to you I can do that, providing you paypal me the cost including P&P. You are pretty well established on this site so I trust you enough to go get these, post them to you, then wait for a paypal remuneration when you receive them.


Or perhaps it is possible to order them online from the Asda website?


Thank you very much, but I have a friend who drives to Belfast weekly, so I’m covered. :slight_smile: