Dumb question: am I mixing the right proportions?


I make Soylent 1.4 in a blender that can only hold 1500 mL. (I don’t have the official Soylent scoop or pitcher.) I read on the forum that the right ratio is 1 measure of Soylent and 1.5 measures of water. So I fill my blender up with Soylent until it reaches the 500 mL line, then I add 750 mL of water. Is this the right way to do it? Is 1:1.5 the right Soylent:water ratio?


It is 1:2
The bottom of the measuring cup says:
“1 scoop Soylent/2 scoops water”.
Keep in mind that the water dissolves the soylent a little, so measurements may not be exact.


Good to know. I will try that.


You should drink water in addition to Soylent, so the exact amount of water in Soylent isn’t important. The “right” proportions are the ones that make Soylent taste best to you. Some like it thin, some like it thick.