Dynamic Spreadsheet


I decided to make my own dynamic recipe spreadsheet and figured I might as well share it. It consists of 3 pages. The first is the Recipe page where you specify the actual amounts (in grams or ml) of the ingredient to use. You also enter the size of the container (again in g or ml) and the item cost. The daily cost and how many days the item will last are calculated for you.

The 2nd tab is the Amino Acid breakdown that shows you exactly how many of each essential amino acid your recipe provides. I use 3 different protein sources and broke down the values (by gram) for the 3 I use.

The 3rd tab is the Ingredients. This matches 1:1 the order of the items in the recipe. Here the actual nutritional breakdown (by gram/ml) is entered so when you change your recipe amounts the spreadsheet can calculate every column for you.

Hope this is helpful. If you see any errors I’d love to hear about them. I just finished it so I’m still double-checking all of my figures.

Enjoy! Oh, and it’s on Google Docs.



I like it. I like the fact that the CPD column will alert you if the cost for any particular ingredient goes over $1.00 (I assume); that’s very helpful in ensuring that you price out all of your ingredients evenly where possible.

I’m noticing that the only ingredient registering a toxicity value for the Toxicity Alert Row is Chloride - I just realized that that was completely my fault, as I somehow only had that entry when I uploaded my template. I’ve fixed that now and the sheet now gives values for all toxic-potential ingredients.

Hope that helps! Great work. :slight_smile: