Early International Donor, Add Shipping in Extra Donation?


I donated for a weeks supply of soylent before you added the “US only”, so $65 are $10 short of what is needed for international shipping.

Is it best to make an additional donation of $10, or does the soylent team prefere some different method of handling this situation?

I’m sure I am not the only one overseas who was as enthusiastic when the crowdfunding campaign first started.


Did the exact same thing. Anyone who knows?


Ditto, same situation


same here

You could also give us $10 discount for enthusiastic early supporters :smile:
(or just tell us how to pay the additional price)


Great question – we just added a new reward (Int’l Shipping), please contribute the difference between your original pledge and the corresponding international pledge. Sorry for the inconvenience, and I agree it’d be nice if we could just eat the difference as thanks for your early support, but our $$$ man shot that idea down :slight_smile:


Thank you for clearing up the confusion.

EDIT: I don’t know how relevant that is, but shipping for more than 1 week of soylent is more than $10.

I’m not affected, but others may be. Maybe you can handle that case by case, otherwise your list of donation options gets very crowded.


You can contribute any amount greater than $10. For example, if you’d originally purchased a two-month’s supply ($455), you’d want to pledge $70 (as the international price is $525), and select the “International Shipping” reward, so we know the purpose of the contribution. Does that make sense?


Yes. I overlooked that you can change the amount after selecting a category.