Ease into Soylent over time? Or jump right in?


So, I am wondering if there’s any consensus from those who have tried Soylent or a DIY version… Is it recommended to ease into it by starting out drinking one a day for a bit, then two a day and so on?



I was also wondering this.


I started my DIY recipe a month ago, and I went all in from the beginning. All in being about 90% soylent, which is all I intend to do on a regular basis as I expect to be eating out socially 1-3 times a week.

I also expect there will be periods of 100% soylent and those where it may be greatly reduced or excluded completely for a short time.

So far I have had no problem eating muggle food when needed, but have noticed it is not nearly as satisfying as my soylent. I tend to get hungry much sooner than I’d like on traditional foods, which I don’t think is necessarily different than it was before, but I do notice how unsatisfying food is now compared to soylent.

I would suggest going with your gut :wink: Everyone will be different in how they want to start, and I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to go about this. So the bottom line is do whatever you are comfortable with, if that means replacing just one meal your first week, or 100% of them, you’ll be just fine.


I replaced my breakfast and lunch with DIY, and as my stomach shrunk I slowly replaced my dinners with it also over a period of about 2 weeks.


Yeah I guess I don’t see any downside to take a week or two to ease into 3 meals a day of Soylent.


Folks who go all in can get headaches at day 3 or so, usually getting used to changes in vitamin levels - potassium / sulfer etc. I tend to think easing in is better for anything.


I jumped all in for about a week, got the headaches and it went away in a few days. I think the smarter approach would have been replace breakfast a few days, then replace breakfast and lunch, then go all in (if you want).


See how you feel after one meal. I jumped right into 2/3 meal replacement. I’ve only done full replacement sporadically here and there. Some people might end up with an adjustment period, but only for the fiber, I think.

I imagine the most you’d need to “ease in” would be 1 mean on day 1, 2 on day 2, and 3 whenever you want to from day 3 on.


Could also be caffeine withdrawl. I KNOW that’d happen to me 2-3 days after I stopped caffeine intake.


Just do what I did.
Add A measured amount of instant coffee powder to the ingredients, and reduce the dose over time. Eventually no caffeine


I know what those words mean, but when you put them together like that they make no sense. :slight_smile:

I’m an old school computer geek. I’m 40% caffeine. (thumps chest) If I get too much blood in my caffeine supply, I’d die.

For a less silly answer, that is probably a good idea to do that. But I probably will just stop at ‘add coffee’. I like coffee too much to give it up.


Add me to the pro-coffee list. I gave up drinking beer about four years ago. I miss it but understand why I did it. But coffee is one of my few remaining dietary joys. It stays. When I gave up beer, I also gave up most of my public life. If I gave up coffee the rest would go.



Eh. For me, coffee is just a caffeine delivery system. Beer, on the other hand, I’m pretty sure I would give up most other things first…


Yeah, me too. I love my morning coffee and have no plans to give it up.


That’s actually common with ‘less bulky food’ diets (whether that means ‘less food’ or ‘less big food’). Your stomach stretches to accommodate the amount of food you normally eat. When you eat less, over time your stomach adjusts the other direction.

This is how stomach stapling and bariatric banding work; they make the stomach artificially smaller, so you feel full sooner, so you stop eating.

Soylent, being a low bulk diet, will allow the stomach to minimize itself; if you’re drinking 1l of liquid, you don’t need a stomach larger than that. It’s not harmful.


What starchaser​tyger said, basically if you make a fist and hold it in front of your belly,that is the size of your stomach. Now look at the food on your plate and think, will it fit inside a stomach the size of your fist? It stretches to accommodate our overeating habits, and mine basically shrunk to its original size.


Reviving this topic, now that even more people have Soylent.

I don’t know about y’all, but my body haaates drastic diet changes. I went all-Soylent yesterday, and today I feel… off. Just vaguely unsettled in the tummy–nothing drastic, but it’s not pleasant.

There were free sandwiches at work, so I ate one. It hasn’t really helped, in part because it probably wasn’t enough food.

Still, I think I’m going to back off, to 1-2 meals per day, until I’m more used to it.

What about everyone else, though? Are most of you going cold turkey on standard food, or starting with 1 meal/day and working up?


I think the mind is a very powerful thing. I went into DIY with the mind set that I was setting myself up for success. The liquid food, even if I didn’t feel satiated, was still going to be providing me more complete and balanced nutrition then anything I had eaten in recent memory. Perhaps consequently I took to 100% soylent immediately. My first week passed without a single pause. It’s now been about six weeks and in that time I have probably had 2 or 3 “cheat” days. Mostly due to social implications (dinner with friends, movie date with the Mrs. that kind of thing) . For me I think “easing in” would have been harder, when I’m doing just my Soylent food doesn’t really cross my mind. I can easily open the fridge, stare down the delicious looking left over mac and cheese, grab my diet soda, and move on without feeling tempted. On the other side though, all those days I “cheated” I ended up cheating throughout the day, because I knew I was going to eat a solid dinner I just said “eft it, might as well have a sandwich for lunch”. Now that probably has more to do with my natural inclinations and issues with food in that I typically am someone who can avoid something completely far more successfully then I can have it in moderation!


I say ease in by having Soylent whenever it’s convenient, and anything else you want any other time. Unless someone is determined to go 100% Soylent (which I’m definitely not, even though I’m at 80%+) I just don’t see the benefit of “shocking your system” like that.


I don’t have my Soylent yet, but for me it will be like a band-aid. Right off!!
That’s how quickly muggle food will go away for me.
As long as Soylent makes my stomach not feel hungry, then I won’t have to worry about eating.

Of course taking fine ladies out on dates here and there and having muggle food will never stop.