Easy DIY recipe for those of us who are waiting for the official version?


So, without going into the details, I work in an industry that gets very busy for three months beginning in early February so I don’t feed myself well for those months. I was hoping that the official soylent would be ready for me to use this February so that I could break poor eating habits. Since it is now delayed and may be subject to additional delays, I’m thinking it may be better to use an easy DIY recipe for a month or two to keep myself going until the official soylent comes out. It does not have to be a complete food replacement. Something that could be used for 1 to 2 meals per day with no major side-effects would be great for the time being.

It does not have to be cheap but I’d like something very easy to put together. If I could get all the ingredients through amazon or a local retailer, that would be great, as long as it is simple to figure out exactly what to buy. Basically, I’m hoping to be spoon-fed. I think there are many others who would appreciate this, judging by all the frustration here regarding shipping delays.

Does anyone have a recommendation that would fit my needs?


QuidNYC responded to a similar thread I started. This recipe looks somewhat easy, relatively speaking:


Thank you! That looks perfect after I substitute basic masa for the blue variety (the blue is out of sale except for very expensive 1 and 2 lb bags).


To be clear, I went with http://diy.soylent.me/recipes/quidnycs-superfood-for-him which is another recipe from the same user. If you substitute a cheaper type of masa (ie: not blue), the price is much lower and there is no specific evidence that one has better nutritional value over the other.