Easy to make, tough to swallow (Also: Is soylent missing nutrients?)


I made a recipe, and it contains all the nutrients required.
I’ll include the recipe in a later post when it’s finalized.
It’s made entirely from things you could buy at your local vitamin store and grocery store.

I have one serious problem with it, ok maybe two.

  1. Just drinking a little bit of it makes me unbelievably queasy and flushed (Or sensitive to heat I can’t tell which).
  2. It tastes TERRIBLE.

Is there anything I can do to make it taste better?

Also it came to mind while I was making this that Soylent might be missing choline. Choline, though not a vitamin, is considered essential in the diet as not enough is normally produced by the body.

Does Soylent have a source of choline? It would be very dangerous if it does not.

I use soy lecithin granules.

There are other nutritional concerns I have with the food, as well but I’m mostly concerned about my recipe.

Thank you.

P.S. could you link me to the recipe for Soylent so i can learn a little more? Thank you


Soylent does have choline, or at least the DIY recipe does.

I replace some of the olive oil with flaxseed oil, however to maintain a healthy ratio of omega-3:omega-6 fatty acids.


A lot of folks—myself included—are using Make Soylent to build their formulas. For reference, mine tastes a bit like a chocolate milkshake, with a little bit of graininess at the very end because of the psyllium husk powder and oats. I’m thinking of mixing in some dextrin for a fiber source.

Toss yours up and we’ll troubleshoot!


Thanks for the link!
I made mine by using nutritiondata.self.com and looking for foods highest in each nutrient. It was a pain in the ass but worth it for the number of ingredients I can pick up at the grocery store.

For instance, I get my potassium from cream of tartar and my vitamin K from sage or thyme.


If you’re going for a food analogue of soylent (which you can definitely do at the grocery store), I recommend reading up on This Post and following the food analogue guys (like @J_Jeffrey_Bragg)

Some of the terrible taste might be from mixing things like sage & cream of tartar…


Yeah, as it turns out, cream of tartar is what gave it that flavor
Oh well, I’m happy it’s finished and at least has a taste that can be acquired.
Thanks for the link.


All I have to do is reword that sentence a little bit. You can do anything to make Soylent taste better. That’s not to say that it wouldn’t taste great on its own - because that’s largely a result of the ingredients that you choose - but after that, flavor options are completely open.

Vanilla extract? Sure. Chocolate sauce? Awesome. Honey? Wildflower honey? Great. Strawberry milkshake mix? Very nice.

You get the idea. :slight_smile:


It does. Typically lecithin or choline bitartrate.


I’m mixing custom blends at true nutrition.com. Some of the proteins contain soy lecithin; maybe this is of interest to you?

Also the chocolate coconut flavor is awesome.