Eat Nano - new Soylent alternative


Found yet another Soylent alternative, this one particularly interesting because they claim that all their ingredients are plant based but they don’t have a list of ingredients, or at least I couldn’t find one on their website.

Comments? Ideas?


There’s already a thread on it: Nano Enhanced Food.


Well fine, but where do the plants get their nutrients from? Hmmm?


This is some cutting edge technology.
According to their FAQ, when you put it into bowl it creates some kind of movements:

Does nano effect my bowl movements?

Nano contains lots of soluble and non-soluble fibres. These help your bowl movements work normal. Their probably be less bowl movement because your body only receives nutrients that are needed and used.



Nano is a new form of nutrition created by young food scientists, futurists and professional life-hackers. Nano is not made with the best of today but with the best of tomorrow. Nano is the first nutrition created with nano-technology delivered vitamins. This means Nano-vitamins survive the digestive tract and can be absorbed in the small intestine. Nano is not just a new way of getting nutrition, it is the best new way of getting nutrition.
Nano is compressed of a combination of the best nutritional building blocks in an affordable, easy to carry, easy to use per-portion package.
The Nano team will constantly improve the product going forward, making sure Nano is in front of the scientific food movement.

Is there anything to this or just marketing, what exactly are ‘nano-vitamins’? And why would you want your vitimans to “survive the digestive tract” in the first place?


Who knows? They claim to be using some patented technology, yet refuse to disclose which patent, therefore there’s no way to verify their claims. Seems highly suspicious to me.


Thank goodness. Those middle-aged and old food scientists are just utter horsesh— at their jobs.

Do not accept food products created by amateur life-hackers.