Eating Disorders and Taking Food Out of the Equation


I was wondering if anyone who is drinking Soylent has suffered from an eating disorder in the past? And, if so, how has your experience been?

I was anorexic for much of my teens and all of my twenties. I have since recovered but I think I will always have an uneasy truce with food. When I was in the process of recovering, it was pretty much a ‘eat whatever you want/can’ scenario. I find that when I would try to eat healthy, that is when my head would get all obsessive and twitchy again. I’d hone in on calories and need more of this and not too much of that and omg I need balance aaaaargh – which eventually would just lead to me not eating at all again. So for the longest time, it was all or nothing with me. Starvation or eat all the crap with no in-between.

My experience with Soylent (which, granted, has only been two weeks so far) has been amazing in that respect. Taking food out of the equation, I am able to get balanced nutrition without stress. I don’t think about it. I don’t worry about it. I don’t cut back. And then when I do have regular meals – usually socially with friends – it is without guilt. I enjoy the taste, I enjoy the company – because I know that my nutritional needs are taken care of.

What have other people’s experiences been like? I’d love to hear about them!


I’m sure that, had I ever gone to see a mental health professional about my dietary habits at any time in the past, I would have been slapped with the label of “eating disorder” quite quickly. I’ve always wished I could do away with food entirely, or at least make it optional. I hated that I had to eat. I’ve generally done my best to avoid any situation where I have to eat around other people because of the inevitable interrogation about why I’m not eating what everyone else is, or why I don’t want this or that, or why I’m only eating X, and on and on and on and on… friends, family, coworkers, business associates… all have given me grief about my food choices at some point.

For me that’s the absolute most singularly awesome thing about Soylent. Food on my terms. If I find myself wanting to eat a particular something, I can. The rest of the time I can just have Soylent and not have to think about it. It helps that I live a life where I work from home and really have no need to even leave the house most days (I’m no shut in by any means, I just really love my home base), so the times I run into these sorts of uncomfortable food-oriented gatherings are few and far between now - just how I prefer it. It also helps enormously that my partner is similar in her disposition towards food and eating, and loves Soylent every bit as much as I do. Couldn’t have planned it better. LOL

And if anyone ever does give me grief about Soylent, I can be quite comforted in the knowledge that the chances that their diet is actually healthier than mine, are slim to none. :wink:


I’m pretty much like @vanclute. I had a very small number of foods I could handle eating. It almost makes me sick to watch somebody eat “normal” foods. For example I can’t watch somebody eat a grape. It is just so disgusting to me. I worked at eating rice for months before I could eat a whole bowl. It had to be the same rice I was used to as well and cooked the way I like it.

I had always wanted something like Soylent so I was overjoyed when I saw it and ordered immediately. Since the wait was going to be a LONG time I started doing DIY and loved it. I was missing out on calories as well as nutrition. I’m pretty happy that I can get my 2000 calories from Soylent, have some snacks and maintain a pretty normal weight.

I never wanted to have an “eating disorder”. I just didn’t have the willpower to force myself to eat what everybody else did. Soylent has probably added years to my life and I feel better at 47 then I did when I was a teenager.

Maybe @vanclute and I were twins that were separated at birth. I came from a family of 8 so it’s possible we misplaced one along the way. :smile:


I don’t have an eating disorder, although I am a fairly finicky eater, but I can definitely see how something like Soylent would help people with eating issues. If you can’t use drugs without hurting yourself then you can just quit them entirely. If you can’t use alcohol without hurting yourself then you can just quit it entirely. But you can’t just quit food entirely because you need nutrition to live.

I think of Soylent as an Off switch for food. Turn the food switch Off whenever you want by instead eating Soylent or something similar and then turn the food switch back On if/when you want to deal with food. I only use Soylent for about 25% of my nutrition but it still makes a big difference. The relentlessness of having to deal with food 3-4 times every single day just wears me down and I want a break sometimes. I can see how someone that has serious issues dealing with food would consider Soylent a godsend.


LOL well, I was raised to believe I was an only child, but maybe it was all a lie… like the cake! :wink:

I can totally get with that comparison.


I’ve had my issues as well and I find that this is the easiest way for me to lose the right amount of weight slowly like I should without becoming obsessive.