Eating fast food feels gross


I ate some fast food today (St-Hubert chicken, it’s a Quebec chain) and I feel gross. I used to eat rhat stuff all the time. I wonder if it’s because I’m accustomed to eating nutritious, healthy food now. Anyone else notice a change like this? Maybe I always felt just as gross eating fast food, but didn’t have any other experience to compare it to.

This definitely doesn’t apply to all normal food. My new tradition is buying an amazing $9 grilled cheese sandwich (absolutely worth it) once a week since I can afford the indulgence now that I’m on a mostly Soylent 2.0 diet.


i tend to feel gross and bloated after i have a muggle meal myself


Yea, even if its one of my favorite foods I regret eating it about a half hour afterwards. My stomach just grumbles at me for spoiling my brain. Im eating like one full meal a month at this point and only because i keep buying food. “i have to eat it before it spoils” is like 90% of the reason i eat anymore, so i figure ill just stop buying food. ive managed to get my pantry down to about a 20th its size before soylent and the fridge is looking the same. as soon as i empty it out its going on craigslist


Sometimes… the regret starts before I’ve even finished eating (my old favorite meals were much larger than my typical Soylent meal)


If you don’t mind the expense, the app Just Eat is like Uber for food delivery (e.g. pay in the app ahead of time including tip). There is a large variety and not just greasy fast food, you can find quality restaurant food as well. If you only want to eat a meal a month, that might be a better way to do it than buy groceries that might just end up spoiling anyway.


Thanks, I might give it a try. For the most part though I don’t like other people making my food for me. Soylent gets a pass because much of the process is automated, but even then the idea of people farming the plants needed for the macros* makes me uncomfortable. I’m hoping it’ll be full blown synthetic as soon as possible.


That’s funny. I thought I was the only one that was grossed out by people preparing my food (in any way). I guess I shouldn’t be shocked. I had assumed I was in a very small minority before Soylent came out. Now I know I’m just in a minority. Once people get past their assumptions about food I think I (we) will be in the majority. This will take a LONG time to change though.


While I am bordering on Howie Mandel-levels of germophobia, my disgust is mostly moral in nature. However I can respect people that do like to be served by other people.

Well, no I can’t, but I try hard to.


I see it the same as any other job. Nothing morally wrong with them offering a service in exchange for payment, or with anyone paying them for doing their work.

After all, they are just trying to put food on the table. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Having my servants feel compelled to work under the threat of starvation does not make me feel better. I won’t pretend this system (which plenty of people can justifiably label different things) doesn’t work well. Its orderly, efficient, and tremendously better than anything in the past.

And I’m willing to consider that my expectations of the economy are naive, but I think its reasonable to always hope for something better.


Going out to get some poutine covered with pulled pork and italian sausage and bacon.


Having people make food for you is generally perceived as a gesture of kindness.

They could choose to let you starve to death.


My problem with people preparing my food is that I don’t trust they do it in a “clean” way. We have all seen the bits in TV shows where the waiter doesn’t like the customer so puts buggers on their food. That was just on South Park this week! I’m more worried about unclean work areas and utensils.


I don’t perceive cooks at a diner as making food for me out of the good of their hearts. I see the situation as a little more complicated than that.


How so?

I mean, synthetically made foods aren’t exactly crafted by robots, are they? People are involved in that too.


Nah bro, in my future fantasies, its robots all the way down.


Sure. I am interested though (and, obviously, feel free not to answer) — is it just food you don’t want other people making for you?


I understand. I’ll list off what comes to mind immediately. Energy, minerals, the act of transportation (for delivery or otherwise), manufacturing, repair, medical care, protection, rescue… People are welcome to do whatever they like (in my fantasy at least), but if people feel like they have to then the whole situation feels awkward.


sylass94, you a fan of Ayn Rand? She has some really neat takes on the subject, I think you’d get a kick out of her writing if you’re not already familiar with it.

Sorry for further derailing the thread, this convo is really interesting to me


Yeah, I’m not sure I agree with her worldview but I’ve been told it looks that way. I think I fall in between apathy and being forced to help others. I don’t know a lot about her but I’ve also heard she believed we should literally only ever care for ourselves, and anything we do for others is only for selfish reasons.