Eating Soylent 1.4 dry


I’m the type of person who eats things like lemonade mix, oat meal, and cereal strait out of their containers – without adding any liquid of any sort.

If I eat Soylent dry, will it be harder for my body to absorb the nutrients? Is the soaking time that’s recommended in the release notes important from a biological standpoint? Is it important to consume Soylent along with an excess of liquid?


I doubt there’s any nutritional issue around the soaking, that was just for texture as far as I know. But needing liquid? Most definitely yes.


As long as you drink as much water as you would have added and more, you should be just fine.


I don’t think the soaking is critical to releasing nutrients, although it obviously can’t stay dry after saliva and your stomach contents.

But I think there’s a medical risk if you eat a lot of it dry. Ingredients like oat flour and the added fiber will absorb significant amounts of liquid, and can suck up a lot of the liquid in your digestive tract and become hard, leading to constipation or impaction.


This dude takes the cinnamon challenge like it ain’t no thang.


So definitely drink a good quantity of water alongside the powder, don’t wait until later.


Seriously. I mean, I’ve eaten raw, dry oatmeal before too; but am pretty sure not 4 oz of it in one sitting!
Not to mention I am pretty sure Soylent powder would be more like eating flour than oatmeal or cereal.


I mean every now and then who hasn’t raided the cereal box to eat some plain dry raisin bran (or my favorite Honey Bunches of Oats) when the mood strikes and you are out of milk; but Soylent raw and dry? No thanks.

I hope the OP tells us what happened!


I admit to popping a bag of popcorn and pouring it into a big bowl of Kix and devouring while watching a movie. Was actually a very tasty combination. :wink:


I’ve eaten dry nutritional yeast flakes before, which is pretty weird. (I think? It actually tastes great!) I am tempted to try a small spoon of dry Soylent 1.4 (for science!) even though I expect it will be super duper nasty.


When I mix 1.4 a serving at a time I get a few little clumps of dry, and I actually kind of like them.


Well, I tried it, just to see what would happen. I deffinitely don’t reccomend it. It gets all oily in your mouth and the taste takes forever to get out.


Yeah I tried this last night too. It was actually less gross than I was expecting, but I definitely prefer prepared Soylent to the dry powder.


With the way they do the oil now I think eating it dry is a little less good than before (not that it was good in the first place). Honestly, the drink isn’t bad at all. It’s like the texture of a melted Wendy’s frosty and almost flavorless (maybe a hint of bread). It’s actually pretty soothing to drink, but I think you could probably find other creative uses for the powder.

I bet if you mixed a scoop of soylent with half a banana a little liquid of some sort and some ground chia seeds and let it sit for about 5 minutes (for the chia to take in some of the liquid and firm up), you’d have yourself a pretty decent pancake mix. Probably even better if you threw in some flax meal (I’m sure someone in one of those baking with soylent threads has tried it but I haven’t really looked into any of those threads).


I tried some 1.4 with just enough water to mix it into a paste; ate it with a spoon. It was okay.