EcoDrink Powder - A replacement for GNC Mega Man?


So I was walking through Costco today and I ran into one of those people giving samples. In this case it was for a powdered base for a vitamin drink called “EcoDrink”. Since the GNC Mega Man has way too much of quite a few B vitamins and is fairly expensive, I thought I’d try to plug in the information I could get on this and see how it did. The flavors are fruity and I don’t know how pervasive they will be when mixed in. I had some weird results when I looked at the numbers though. They would claim 100% RDA but when I used the 2000 calorie RDA for a man, for a few fields like Vitamin C, I wouldn’t see 100% with just the Vitamin if I used the quantities on the Amazon page. (Costco currently has the powder for $19.99 for 30 so it’s only $0.66/day instead of >$1/day with the Mega Men sport too.

So I tried to build a recipe with the Eco Drink Powder that is close to my current recipe. I had to add Chia Seeds (which BTW don’t seem to have iron in the database…I updated that for mine). My Raw Milk drives the price up, but $5/day is around my goal anyway. It it work spending the $20 to find out how it tastes when mixed up?


Hmmm, interesting. I’ve been wondering about replacements for GNC Mega Men Sport powder, so I think I’ll look into this… Thanks. :slight_smile:


Just so you know @axcho I actually started consuming this yesterday. I got the Orange/Berry combo pack from Costco. I’ve tried the orange so far. I mixed the first batch as per the recipe in the link (which has changed since I first posted this) and at first I really liked it. Almost tasted like an orange creamsicle. But as the day wore on, I got sick of that flavor. Last night I mixed that up but added 10g of cacao powder (the Special Dark) but it doesn’t seem like it was enough. I can drink this, but the aftertaste of the orange isn’t particularly good. I’ll see what I can do as I work my way through the box, but so far this is a miss for me. I can see liking this maybe every other day, or for a single meal, but I’m not loving it for the whole day. I can definitely see someone REALLY liking it in a taste test, only to realize they don’t like it on a day-to-day basis.


Thanks, good to know! :slight_smile: I’m using multivitamin capsules as a replacement now, since you can open the capsules and empty the powder into your mix. It works pretty well.


What kind? I’d be interested in that.


Just search for “multivitamin capsules” on Amazon. :wink:


Oh my goodness, I didn’t realize how much “sweetener” was in the GNC Multivitamin. My first sip with the capsule was horrible. I added 4 packets of Splenda and it tastes a lot better. But I think this will work well. I’m actually using a women’s multivitamin because all the men’s seem to have insane numbers amounts of B vitamins.

(This one has 6g of Iron which is fine for me, because my recipe tends to be low in iron.)


What is the fear with the Mega Men? Concern over some of the % of RDI? I never saw it as overly alarming because we are using less then the recommended dosage and the product has been on market for some time. Or is it more cost reasons? Are you taking advantage of the almost always available buy one get one half off with GNC membership pricing? I stocked up on them and saved a fair amount over what I was paying at amazon.


GNC Mega Men Sport has lactose, sucralose, and vanillin. The allergy information says it contains soy and milk, and it’s manufactured in a facility that uses peanut flavor. Those things make me nervous (I have allergies). Plus it’s expensive and unreliable in terms of availability and shipping.


well with the allergies that makes sense. I just have seen some people super worried about some of the levels of the insolubles and that seemed borderline irrational to me but I’m just one man with one bad opinion


I wouldn’t call it “alarming”, even with allergies, but it’s certainly suboptimal. And it seems that I’m sensitive to vanillin as well, based on my experiments…


I’m not a fan of how most men’s multi-vitamins are WAY over on the B vitamins. Is that totally rational? I don’t know. But it also makes it hard for me to judge my hydration when my pee is always neon yellow. Moreover, it is expensive and difficult to use compared to a decent multivitamin capsule and then you can choose your sweetener of choice. I got 75 days worth of multivitamin capsules for $22 which is significantly cheaper. I also happened to have a huge costco bag of splenda packets sitting around that are perfect for me (I have no issues with splenda) to use up on Soylent. I stopped drinking coffee (I have some in my soylent itself) separately so I don’t use the splenda anymore otherwise.

The potential allergens is also an issue, but for me it is mostly about cost and convenience. It is WAY easier to just open a capsule and dump it into a bag than it is to measure out 23g of powder. AND my vitamins are now just $0.28/day instead of $0.93/day