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@soylent: We’re featured in the latest @TheEconomist issue as the magazine dives deep into the food tech space. #Soylent

This article says founder Rob doesn’t have a fridge and consumes 80% Soylent. How does he follow the recommendations to chill or ice Soylent?


Well, he might prefer it room temp. I do.


Or maybe Rob has a personal stash of 1.3…


The article only mentioned 1.3; probably it was written before 1.4 was released.


Even so, it has been said that Soylent should be kept chilled because that inhibits breeding of micro-organisms. I wonder if Rob actually does have some sort of fridge, despite what the article says.


Depends on how quickly you drink it of course… if you always finish off the full pitcher in a day or less, it’s probably not a concern.


Or make a glass/bottle/meal at a time, drinking it right away. That is what I do with my soylents.


Oh right… I always forget that’s even possible! LOL


If I recall correctly Rob freezes his denim jeans in the freezer instead of washing them. I remember that because I was thinking “Should I really consume something designed by someone who freezes their blue jeans?”


Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear @rob’s take on the new taste/texture of 1.4 compare to 1.3? I wonder if anyone at RL had the negative reflex we’ve seen on a few people around here?


Believe it or not that is one of the recommend ways to clean blue jeans.

I suspect the writer either misunderstood or is exaggerating for effect. I’m sure Rob has some sort of fridge like device.


After I moved in to my own place I got rid of the fridge. It is a terrible machine: large, heavy, noisy, inefficient, expensive, constantly breaking. I like peace and quiet and the compressor and ice machine kept interrupting me when I was reading or working so I finally had enough and got rid of it.

I make soylent one or two servings at a time and drink it immediately. This way there is no pitcher to wash, but the taste and texture aren’t as good. I kind of like this as it makes me more critical when I test new blends. For the record, I am a big fan of 1.4, no oil bottles makes single servings much easier to measure and less messy. It took me a few days to get used to the taste but now I find I prefer it. Either way, we have improvements planned for future versions.

I feel largely the same way about washing machines as I do about refrigerators, but I no longer freeze my clothes. I think I found a better way to get rid of the microbes.


Anything you can share with us? Glad to see you on the forums.


We’ve been using enzymes in our washing machine instead of detergent most of the time for quite a while. Curious if your solutions are similar…?


lol… that would involve refrigeration! :smile:


@rob, you are en electrical engineer right. Why dont you invent a mini (portable) fridge something that is easy enough to carry around and be put on a desk? :smile:

It helps for soylent consumption too.


I would guess that he is spraying himself with beneficial microbes that negate body odor. I remember reading something about that in his blog at one stage


Ah… I guess I’m just lucky in that I’ve never had any body odor. Have never even needed deodorant no matter what I do, even extreme levels of activity… I’ll barely smell if at all. Ooooh maybe it’s my superpower! I can be smells-like-nothing-man! LOL


I used to have no body odor… Then I moved to Oregon. That bacteria sure loves warm moist air…

Something more on topic, though, my BO is more pleasant since switching to Soylent. I smell… optimal.


I worked for a while on a mini fridge with no moving parts using the

It ended being really inefficient though. The United States already spends an insane amount of energy on refrigeration. I wondered what life would be like without it. And so far so good.

Still, it’s nice to have a cold beer. I’m more interested in having a device like this