Edible Cutlery - Cost competitive with plastic



I somewhat doubt it, but I do wonder if it could be a bottle for Soylent. Of course with some stuff being in bottles stuff inside can be simpler.


I’ve had edible cutlery before. Worked slightly better than the cheap plastic ones being less bendy and more stiff. On par with the more expensive plastic ones. Virtually no taste, crunchy, and took a bit of effort to chew.

Though i have no idea what the cost was.


Though I’m sure there would be a few use cases where this would work, this is very impractical and superficial. Consider the above post where they make a Soylent bottle out of this. I’m not going to eat something that hasn’t been sealed in shipping, so they’ll have to wrap it in some plastic wrap anyway. Plus, once you’re done drinking your Soylent, you still have some liquid on the inside of the bottle. This will make eating the bottle kind of messy, kind of like an ice cream cone only less viscous.

I think we’re better off working toward more economical bio-degradable plastics or plastics that are 100% recyclable (when it comes to plastic forks and spoons which I don’t think are currently recyclable.)


Mmmmm… Ice cream cone…


Thin protective coating is still far better than entire bottles we are throwing away with 2.0.