Editing old posts


Maybe I’m just missing something obvious, but I can’t seem to edit my old posts. The pencil icon is missing from the older stuff, the new posts I made today do all have the ability to edit.


I’ve been away for a bit, but don’t remember there being a time limit to editing our own posts. I know that’s how @livingparadox would run his ongoing blog, by editing the original top post, so I’m just not sure what’s up.


There is a slight ethical problem with editing old posts that I realized recently when editing one of mine. People post likes of posts. If you then edit the post, they appear to have liked words they hadn’t seen when they posted the like.


There is a default time limit on how old a post can be and still be edited.

Out of the box this site setting is set to 86400 minutes… let’s see

24 hours × 60 minutes = 1440
86400 / 1440 = 60 days

Soylent admins can of course set this to taste.


Sure, if you’re changing the heart of the post I can see it becoming an issue, but you can always tag your changes as ‘Edit’ or such to stay above board. The particular post I was trying to edit I wouldn’t think should be an issue.

I started a thread a while back about a coupon code for new subscribers, that thread is still fairly active as I’ve been getting email notices about new posts. Over the months the code has changed a few times and I was going to update the top post with the current info to make it easier on new people coming to the thread; rather than making them read through more than a hundred posts to get the correct info.


You could try flagging that post and ask a mod to update it.