Effects of reducing the amount of oil?


Hi guys and gals,

Got my official soylent and have been enjoying it so far. Got a question about the oil though. I’m trying to reduce overall daily calories (using soylent for weight loss). What would (or could) be the effects of halving or thirding the oil? I understand that some’s needed for digestion, etc, but a great deal of the calories come from the oil. Do you really need 100% of your fat RDA every day? I made a half-batch of soylent without any oil at all and it still satiated me the same way it does with the oil.

Thanks in advance


For health reasons, I’d keep the oil and proportions and simply eat less. Have 20% less than you would normally, or 33% and just divide 2 “meal” portions across a day.


Can you elaborate on those health reasons? I’ve tried eating 2/3 of a packet of Soylent and it’s just not enough. Even a full packet in a day and I go to bed hungry, but bearably so. I only notice that omitting oil doesn’t seem to affect the satiety of Soylent at all for me.


The oil is VERY important… http://allnutriments.blogspot.dk/2013/03/essential-fatty-acid-deficiency-diseases.html

If you don’t get enough “oil/fat” check out those symptons you could develope… it’s not your fault that socity has thought us “drop fat from the diet”… but the fact is that you should only drop calories, while maintaining the right proportion of carbs/protein/fat… alternatively one could make a ketogenic diet… (almost no carbs, but more fat/protein)…


Oil is just not really the making you fat kind of ingredient. As suggested before try to eat as much as you need per day for say a week and see if even with 110% of the usual soylent the weight changes. If not you can still try to cut down the amount to 100% or 90%. It’s just no real solution to go hungry.
Don’t go cold turkey with Soylent and change the amount drasticily. Try to be confortable with Soylent first and then adjust, if still needed, the amount later on. (From not hungry 100-130% to not sure if hungry 90% perhaps)


Also - and this is utterly anecdotal information here - keep in mind that weight is probably not the metric you really want anyway, I’m guessing it’s shape. For myself, I lost a few pounds (about 3% of my body weight) after adding Soylent, but wasn’t at all trying to (i.e. no limiting myself on Soylent, still having any conventional food I felt like, etc.) But even with a negligible amount of weight loss, my pants are noticeably looser and tend to nearly fall off me when I walk around now. So, big change in shape despite small change in weight.

My wholly unscientific theory is that I’m more effectively converting fat to muscle since getting balanced nutrition for the first time, but obviously I’ll need more time and some testing of bodyfat % in order to confirm that in any way.


I’ve noticed in myself I get in better shape when I incorporate more protein in my diet. I think Soylent already has plenty of proteins so it should be good.

I’d say, try to use Soylent as-is for a couple weeks and see how it affects your weight and shape.


This. Very much this.
There are “essential amino acids” in most proteins. They’re “essential” because our bodies need them to function and we can’t synthesize them from other things. There are Essential Fatty Acids too. Same thing. Fats our body NEEDS in order to function (nerves are made up exclusively of fat and cholesterol) but can’t build from other pieces. Everything else, if you give us enough nutrients, fats, and proteins, we can build on the cellular level. Cutting good fat from your diet is very damaging to your liver, your pancreas, your nervous system and your connective tissue. Please don’t.