Effects on psoriasis?


Hi everyone! I found the crowdfunding campaign today and am excited by the possibilities of this.

I am interested to hear people’s experiences with psoriasis. I have mild psoriasis covering ~10% of my body. I have read up on skin improvements (complexions and scars) and would love to hear from anyone who has psoriasis and how it’s affected by this diet.


I have psoriasis, or I suspect it is, but it doesnt bother me much so I havent gone to the doctor. I only started my diet on monday, so ill see how it goes. You can follow it on sevenius.wordpress.com, or ill try to remember to chime in here later on when if i notice any difference.

I dont have the usual dry skin (as i call it) on the inside of my elbows, but then again, that usually comes and goes without me knowing why.


I got maybe a mild increase in psoriasis on the scalp, but it is hard to attribute this to soylent. What I suspect is that it is because I have no additional sulphur in my mix. Only that provided by protein. Since some sources indicate that sulphur might help against psoriaris my hypothesis is that I need more of this, maybe more than ordinary. Also I have some joint pain in my finger, but that may be due to climbing when not warmed up properly. But it has been that way for a while now, so sulphur deficiency might make the healing process go slower… too bad it is illegal to import MSM to norway :frowning: and no shops have any sulphur supplements. I will have to get it on prescription I guess.