Eggs: The Perfect Paleo Protein?


The latest in my quest for a Paleo protein source. Last time was crickets. This time, we’re going a little more… traditional.

Read it here: Eggs: The Perfect Paleo Protein?


Eggs are actually not perfect. Surprise! :wink:


There’s always meat meal. Its basically powdered jerky.


Also, Regular egg consumption raises TMAO levels in the body. And raised TMAO levels have a role in increased heart disease risk.


Instead of trying to find the perfect protein, why not try to find the perfect mix of various proteins?


@horsfield, I will probably look into that too! :stuck_out_tongue:

@Tark, you just can’t win with this protein stuff, eh? :wink:

That would be fine too! :wink:

Of course, that’s usually only necessary for plant proteins (rice and pea protein, for example) for the sake of amino acid balance, which brings in issues of lectins and digestibility. Also, the more ingredients you use, the more different allergies you risk bringing into consideration.


How about casein and whey protein?


The best doesn’t have to be perfect, just have the minimal amount of Cons compared to everything else.

With allergies, I would consider that if its an allergy that only a small population has, it would be a small “con”

@Tark I currently really enjoy Trutein’s mix of Whey/casein/Egg. I know somepeople don’t like it, but I also mix in rice protein (the gmo free/vegan one) and GMO free soy protein. Thats like 5 different sources. In my mind, someone that eats regular food would prolly be getting at least 5 different sources of protein a day, so it makes me feel better.


Once upon a time I received something called welfare commodities. These were surplus agricultural items such as butter and flour and lentils and powdered eggs. It was educational for me because I had never even practically seen real butter before. And it turns out that I loved the powdered eggs and since those welfare days I have never been able to find them. Obviously they’re available now, so I’ll have to give them another try.