Electricity Consumption After Starting Soylent (Unplugged Fridge)

Saw this posted online (not mine) and thought it was interesting:

"My electricity consumption after I unplugged the fridge. (when I started 100% soylent)"


RL recommends that Soylent be chilled, so it’s unclear how that would be done with no fridge. (However, I did read that a microwave-like chilling process might be available someday.)


it is purely a taste preference. i (among others) prefer soylent unchilled.

Yeah, 2.0 is shelf stable, and you can mix 1.5 as needed.

I think @rob said that he got rid of his refrigerator also.

He did, but when you are the boss, you don’t have to follow your company’s instructions. I also like Soylent fine unchilled, but it does say in the introductory pamphlet that it is best chilled.

Soylent v2.0 is fine unchilled (I like it cool not cold) but v1.x all needed to be chilled.

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I read about Rob not using a fridge anymore, too.

But how is he doing his laundry without the freezer?

Very curious…


For a while he was experimenting with 'disposable" clothing. He’d buy inexpensive clothing, wear it a few times, then donate it. I think I read that he’s now sending his laundry out to be done, but I could be wrong.

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Won’t somebody think of the beer!!!