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I came across this recently, The Anti-Aging Pill (I know, I started at the link for a couple of minutes before clicking, thinking it’s link bait) from the MIT Technology Review. Since that article, the pill has been released. Product site
I was wondering what you guys thought, I’ve read the research they use to support it before and it seems to be decent, at least based on caloric restriction, the most evidenced way we’ve seen longevity improvements. My doubt lies in whether supplementing precursors leads to increased generation of NAD+ with this specific approach.

Three observations:

  1. Neither of the two active ingredients are GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the FDA. Neither can be used as a food additive but they can be used in supplements. The manufacturer elected to take the path of least resistance - marketing their product as a nutritional supplement rather than going through the drug approval process.

  2. After 2m of Googling, I found the two active ingredients for less than half of the one-time monthly price on Elysium’s website.

  3. “He [founder of Elysium] says it doesn’t trouble him that he sees no obvious benefits yet from his supplement regimen.” However, his customers may express some concern.


That third point isn’t exactly fair, it’s not supposed to show obvious benefits it’s supposed to prevent … maleficits?

To each his own. I take supplements with water only and not with a healthy dose of faith. For $2/day I expect, at the minimum, a subjective feeling of well-being, if not the painting of Dorian Gray.


The problem with taking an untested anti-aging pill is you’ll have to wait decades before you can notice an effect, oh wait you can’t even then because you don’t have a clone of yourself to serve as a control.

There are other articles written about so-called “anti-aging” pills and drugs.

More testing and research is definitely needed.

This thread makes me wonder, could soylent be ‘anti-aging’ ?

Caloric restriction is one of the methods used to try to extend lifespans. (Actually some “anti-aging” drugs in development attempt to mimic the effects of caloric restriction in the body.) I would assume Soylent comes close to optimal nutrition for those who adhere to caloric restriction for the lifespan benefits. (Note: Whether caloric restriction is actually beneficial to humans is contentious.)

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Theoretical biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey argues that caloric restriction, and any drugs designed to mimic caloric restriction, could only have a small effect on human lifespan:

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Early data suggests that if you were to consume Soylent for a little more than half of your diet over the course of a decade you could gain an additional 4 months.

It’s a start. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now if they also make it in a way that it helps in mitochondrial repair, like deep river fish said, it could add four years? :stuck_out_tongue:

Why would anyone do that? Food is pleasure it’s culture…I rather die 4 months early

Food is certainly pleasure but most meals are not culture. I’d say dinner usually is, but typically breakfast and lunch aren’t.


BUYER BEWARE ON ELYSIUM BASIS. After ordering a bottle of this product, I consulted with my physician (which I should have done beforehand) and was advised that, since I’m 80 years old and have a heart condition and 4 other conditions that I take 7 medications for, it was not a wise idea to take Basis, particularly in view of the fact that it has never been evaluated by the FDA. As soon as I received the product in the mail, not opening the bottle, I called Elysium to find out how to go about returning it and getting a refund. Lo and behold, NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS. A nice, ethical business, huh?

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Not offering a refund isn’t unethical. It sucks but it isn’t unethical.


I’ve been on Basis for a week and a half now…Jury is still out, but I seem to have more energy and I’m remembering some of my dreams…Like some other people mentioned, I’m fine with this for now and if it’s eventually proven to be a waste of money, oh well.


Regarding your question about Elysium (the product not the movie), I have been taking the product. But first a bit of a back-ground on me. I’m a 61 year old male (Caucasian) in good health. I take zero supplements or medications; walk and bike (both motorized and “pedalized”) and live in an urban environment. I will have to attribute some of my health to the fortunate aspects of the genetic lottery. Both of my parents are still alive and in reasonably good heath as well. Hell, my father still runs marathons and he’s well on into his 80’s. So…consider this in what I’m about to say.

I’m healthy, and in reasonably good shape. But time and its erosive nature has been chipping away. Think of the body as a car. When new you can drive it like crazy and it bounces back, keeps going without so much as a creak or groan. Time goes by you begin to notice it doesn’t move as well; doesn’t react as well. And the creaks and groans begin to make themselves known. So it goes, too, with our bodies. The creaks and groans begin to manifest, to pile up. I’ve never bothered to take vitamins and other supplements, because to my mind they’re unnecessary so long as you maintain a balanced diet. The only thing supplements do is make your pee some of the most expensive on the planet. Heh! But I’ll allow this might be attributable to my genetic make-up

But those aforementioned creaks and groans do add up. You start to lose flexibility…and a feeling of brittleness begins to set in. Sleep patterns start to become erratic. Like others posting here I’d come across the substances in Elysium by way of science journals and such. I’d been intrigued, but it stayed in the back compartment of my mind until I read the piece in Scientific American. It made me go Hmmmmmm…now if the above didn’t make it clear I care less about “anti-aging.” That’s not the point, to me. We all age. We all die. It’s all part of natures plan. In a turn of an old phrase, nobody gets out of here alive.

So, that said…it’s not so much lifespan I’m interested in as health span. I’ll take life path of “healthy, healthy, healthy, healthy WHAM! Dead!” anytime over a relentless wasting away into decrepitude followed by the same end point of death. I daresay everyone else would want the same, too. The substances composed in the Elysium product may, based on the evidence, do just that. I began taking the product about a month and a half ago. Have I noticed anything “momentous?” In a word, no. Not momentous. But there has been a noticeable reduction in the “creaks and groans,” and a return of a certain amount of flexibility. I’ve also noticed a clarity in mental processes, along with a stability in, as well as an extension of, mental focus. And I’m having those “WHAT was THAT about” types of dreams again along with deeper sleep patterns. So something seems to be happening.

But is it, truly? I dunno. It could be psychosomatic…you know…the mind creating what it wants/expects without regard for the truth of it? This also presumes I’m actually getting what I pay for, and not some sort of refined sawdust. Regardless for now, for me, it amounts to the same end summation. Something positive seems to be occurring. For now I’ll continue to take it and see what happens. Perhaps the truth will only stand revealed by the comparison of your own sense of health juxtaposed against those of your peer group. If they are creaking and fading away, all while you keep on motoring on…well…this might just be instructive as to benefit? Again, allowing for genetics (in my case).

Just some thoughts. Hope it helps. Good luck in any case!

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Regarding #2:
“After 2m of Googling, I found the two active ingredients for less than half of the one-time monthly price on Elysium’s website.”

Can you post where you found it for less than half the price? Niagen sells their product on GNC for MORE than Elysium does, and it contains 50 mg LESS per daily dose than Elysium’s does (along without also adding Pterostilbene - whether that matters or not) … if you found a product with a daily dose of 250 MG of Nicotinamide Riboside that sells for $25/monthly supply then please post this.


PS- I know this thread is old … but prices should be even lower now.