Email from soylent


Received this a few minutes ago (I signed up for discourse with a different email than my order):
Subject: All Soylent orders now ship in under 48 hours!
(Soylent logo)
Greetings, Future Soylent Pioneer!

We wanted to let you know that as of today, all Soylent orders ship in 1-2 days, not 1-2 months!

As an additional thank you for your continued support, we would like to offer you $10 off a one-time order or 10% off a subscription order of any size; just enter [Coupon code] at checkout!

Visit to start a subscription or place an order today.

If you have any questions about your new subscription or anything else, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Care team at, or join the conversation with thousands of Soylent fans at

Thank you for choosing Soylent!

The Soylent Team

(Then, in small text)
"You are receiving this email because you expressed interest in Soylent."
Then it had unsubscribe, mailing address, etc.


Woah. This is awesome!


So the Soylent Tracker is finally irrelevant. It was hugely useful during the wait, of course.

They still need to check their purchase page which still quotes “New Orders in 4 weeks” because that causes confusion for new folks.



I’m curious how they will prevent people from making a new email to get a free starter kit. Unless they do that by address, in which case it’s irrelevant.


I don’t doubt that it’s done occasionally, but for some things it’s simply cheaper to just send out the extra packages rather than have to set up all sorts of security. Address doesn’t quite do it because people share addresses sometimes. So you could cause ill will for no very good reason.

I have (counts on fingers) about 5-7 working emails. Hmmm… Perhaps the pitcher and the measuring cup are lonely in the back of the cupboard and drawer, respectively. :smile:



Checking against addresses would cost nothing (fine, maybe a few $ to program) and would probably prevent 90% of abuses.


It might. But first you have to determine how many abuses occur. If there are a lot then by all means do the security. Acknowledging that you will occasionally get a false positive and that weeding through the data takes time.

There are a couple of public policies that I am following in the news where much suffering is caused in the name of preventing very very rare abuses.



Very good point there- I remember that a few years ago, some district’s AP exams were invalidated because (apparently they measure) their desks were too close. Also DRM (people who want to probably would be able to work around the address checking also).


Very Cool! Hopefully that has been fixed on the ordering page as well (as if 4 weeks sounds bad for those of us who waited 5+ months for our first order!!) Ya know it might not be a bad idea for us subscribers to be given a discount code keyed to our subscription that would allow our friends to get $10 off a one time order. Might be a cool thing to hand out to people who (after tasting your Soylent or hearing your opinions of the product/concept) decide they want to get some for themselves… @Conor


Things are already in the works @GregH :smile:


Awesome! I placed a 4-week subscription order Friday morning and am now anxiously awaiting a shipping confirmation. Time to start clearing out the fridge.


Finally bit the bullet after trying a sample off of e-bay, was expecting a 4 wk fulfillment time and I was also pleasantly surprised with the ‘ships within 48 hours’ notice. Tickled pink!


Most people don’t need to clean out the whole fridge! They are only adding one pitcher, roughly the shape of a half gallon of milk or so. The unmixed Soylent (four week’s worth) sits on a shelf in the back of the kitchen. Next to the sink I have a Britta water filter. I have two nice blenders, but I’m not using either of them.


I meant eat all of the remaining fresh/perishable food I have. Diving headfirst into Soylent with a full 28-day Soylent-only test run.


Do you plan to ease into it, or go full-tilt, 100% soylent from the get-go?


Full Soylent from the get-go. I eat primarily for sustenance and as a social activity. This “sustenance” mindset results in many unhealthy and unbalanced meals (even though it’s a solid home-cooked meal - last night was bucatini w/ tomato butter sauce and garlic bread). Delicious, but I know I’m not getting all the nutrients I need and it’s something I make because it’s quick and easy to whip up.

I actually enjoy cooking and if you looked at my instagram feed, you’d probably label me a “foodie” (I really hate that term). For me, Soylent is a way to get rid of the “noise,” which for me are the meals I consider nothing more than sustenance (usually B/L/D on weekdays and B on weekends). I don’t know where my ideal Soylent balance lies yet, but I’d guess Soylent for all meals except for lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday.

I see my Soylent-only for 28-days as more of a mental challenge. I’ve been on one side of the extreme (sustenance eating) and now I want to test the other end (sustenance eating while giving my body everything it needs and deserves). At the end of it, I hope to find a balance that works for me.

My biggest fear is whether I’ll feel satiated and if anyone is going to toy with me by bringing over a bag of peanut M&M’s.


Hmm… I’m 6 days in to my order and haven’t heard anything… Is this only for west coast people? I’m in Charlotte, NC.


Good question! You should ask customer service – and tell us what they say!


I am on the east coast and got the ‘ships within 48h notice’ - My order was placed on the 21st but looks like it posted on the 22nd so I am still well within the 48h window.

I would have to imagine that they have some east coast distribution at this point, I saw another post mentioning a package shipping out of PA.


I emailed them this morning; here’s what I got back:

Thank you for contacting us.

While our turnover rate has increased significantly, it can still take 1-2 weeks for orders to ship. That being said, your order was processed for shipping yesterday, April 22. It will ship in 1-5 business days, at which time you will receive an email from us containing tracking information.