Email states the wrong address for shipping


Don’t know if anyone else has a similar issue, but I just received an email confirming shipment for my latest payment (10/22) for Soylent 1.1, and while the name is correct, the address is completely wrong. I’m assuming there’s a counter or query that’s running slightly off? This is my 3rd shipment, and the only adjustments I’ve made are payment method. Billing and shipping address are still the same as they have been


Official Soylent Shipping/Fulfillment Thread [updated 8/8]

Similar issue, subscription order and Name was very wrong, address was right. I replied to the email and got a
"Thanks for contacting Soylent! We are experiencing extremely high email
volumes and will try to respond to order inquiries within 5-7 business


Yup, exact same thing. 4th shipment. wrong address, probably a database thing. I’m hoping the trucks haven’t left yet so they can get it straightened out.

On the other hand if we’re all 1 month orders and we’re just getting the box for the person in the next row of the table it might still all work out. In any event I hope they fix it because I’m looking forward to trying v. 1.1


Just got an email update assuring me that it will be shipping to the correct address. I imagine most people who received this error will be getting a similar email soon.



Just got mine too. All is well again apparently. Glad they got it sorted so quickly.