Embarrassing international situation


Huge fan of Soylent. Tried, would buy again.

Can’t though, due to an error I made many years ago in deciding to be born in the UK instead of America. I know, what a fool!

Anyway, after sampling many of the available options, I settled on Jake, it’s pretty good. Shipping to the UK is free and takes just a few days. They’ve just now started to offer US shipping. For $33.

Shipping a month supply of Soylent from the states to me in the UK is next to impossible, but if you jump through the required hoops and arrange a US reshipper, the shipping costs and import duty is about $300. I worked it out a while back, but it’s that or more.

So… $33 to go west, $300 to go East? What’s the problem here?

Sure, this could be classed as a rant, but it’s a still a valid point. There’s a very high probability that I’d with Jake and return to Soylent, if only it were possibly to actually buy it.

So really, how can the guys in Amsterdam make this possible, but the guys in America cannot?


Reshippers are not always reliable or consistent, I discovered when living in Moscow. I once lost a whole shipment when the reshipper went out of business while my medicines were in transit.


Believe Rob recently said EU expansion is next now they’re into Canada.

Eat your jake for now :smile: It’s not normal for US companies to ship international right away, they have a huge domestic market.


The embarrassing false equivalency situation.

I once sent a post card and the shipping was WAY LESS than getting my vehicle shipped overseas. It’s a valid point…


you’ve lost me.
In what way is a box of Soylent vs a box of Jake comparable to a postcard and a car?


I was being absurd to make a point, which is shipping costs.

“$33 to go west, $300 to go East? What’s the problem here?”

The problem is that you are comparing them as if they are equal distances.

Amsterdam to London - 357 km - 1 hour flight, from about $130
London to New York - 5,567 km - 7-9 hour flight, from about $1300

this could be classed as a rant, but it’s a still a valid point.

So… what was the valid point? That you are far away? It’s a valid truth, but I’m really confused as to what point, or even what argument you are making.


Oh, sorry, I’ll clarify.

Jake ships from Amsterdam to the UK for “free”, and to the US for $33
To bring a similar sized package of Soylent to the UK, costs ten times as much.

Clearer still, the distance from the US to the UK is less than the distance between Amsterdam and the US.

This isn’t really a slight against Soylent, perhaps simply more of an expression of frustration that it seems to be less expensive to post to America, than from it.

In theory at least, if Jake could ship a box to Soylent HQ for $33, Soylent should be able to return the package for the same price.


Rosa Labs has implied they will not launch in the EU until they have local distribution (and possibly local production) to prevent the supply shortages they had in the US, and probably also to be more efficient.

I found another thread discussing this here: Are you using a reshipper to get Soylent in the UK?

That doesn’t sound fun.

I am ignorant here, but I’d be surprised if the EU and US have identical import duties. Even shipping itself can be cheaper one way than another, if a greater volume of goods flow in the opposite direction consistently. Moving an empty (or partially empty) ship still costs time and money.

I didn’t dig too deeply because I have no intention of importing Jake, but it may be cheaper to import to the US from the EU. It does suck if you live in the EU, though. At least you can get free shipping on Jake, I guess.


Yes, Rob said so in the latest AMA, and Conor has said so as well. Once the ripples from Canada have leveled out on their operations, I would expect we should start seeing European countries added. The UK would undoubtedly be one of the first European areas added.


Yeah shipping rates can be strange. I have shipped packages to canada for cheaper shipping than what they would have to pay for same size weight package shipped from canada to canada.


It seems like a situation which is going to take a while to resolve, I doubt we’ll see Soylent officially in the UK in the next 12 months.

Until then, DIYs & Jake are a decent alternative.
Also, just ordered this one which looks closer to Soylent 1.4/5 than any of the other Euro ones http://www.eatnano.eu/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Nano-nutitional-factsheet.pdf


This Nano thing looks great! It’s vegan and pretty cheap, so I want it!


If I had to bet, I would wager on less than 12 months, due to the Candian addition seemingly going so well.

Also, Huel seems to be getting a lot of UK press.


The UK/EU would be a much bigger challenge, would probably require local production/outsourcing - as the import duty is much larger than with Canada (+ large variations in rate between the 28 member states) and there’s so much regulation on non-EU food imports.


On the other hand if Soylent™ doesn’t get into the European market soon, the existing players will have sorted out their positions already. It seems that the Europeans are getting into the game in a pretty big way.

Canada was different. We’re used to ordering things from the States. Many of the major brands we buy locally are already American so they already have an established procedure manual about this market. We have similar (though not identical) food labeling regulations. And, for some reason, nobody set up shop up here in competition to Soylent. Not even a kitchen counter DIY outfit.


Any chance you’d interested in 27 bags of Soylent 1.2? I got them sitting in Warsaw and would gladly sell them for a good price.